Christmas Fun Facts and Trivia

How much will we spend this year? And what's the best-selling Christmas song of all time? Find the answers below.

We know that there were three Wise Men, 12 days of Christmas and that Santa delivers all his presents around the world in one night. But did you know... 

How much would it cost to buy your "true love" all the gifts in the 12 Days of Christmas.


How many hours were Americans expected to spend shopping, wrapping and returning gifts last year? Per individual, the numbers were about 42 hours and $688.87 per person.

12.9 billion hours, $447 billion

According to Hallmark, Christmas is the largest card-sending occasion. Nearly 1.5 billion cards are sent to friends and family every Christmas season. (That's actually down 400 million cards since 2004.)

Get your postman/postwoman a gift

What was the value of U.S. imports of Christmas tree ornaments from China between January and September 2011? China was the leading country of origin for such items. Similarly, China was the leading foreign source of artificial Christmas trees shipped to the United States ($79.7 million worth) during the same period.

$983 million 

The best-selling trees are Scotch pine, Douglas fir, Noble fir, Fraser fir, Virginia pine, balsam fir and white pine. The first decorated tree dates back to 1510 in Riga, Latvia. How long does it take the average Christmas tree to mature?

It takes the average Christmas tree seven to ten years to mature.

According to Venere.com, what is the best-selling Christmas song of all time? The site also reports that one in 10 presents received at Christmas will be broken by 
the New Year!

Bing Crosby's "White Christmas," released in 1942. 

Who issued the first insurance policy to protect Santa Claus? The policy covers Santa until the 25th of December in the event of accident and illness, in the run up to and during his worldwide travels to deliver presents to good children.

Lloyd's of London


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