Cook Dinner for Less Than $10

Frugal Family columnist Tori MacLennan scouts out websites for recipes with ingredients that cost less than $10.

I love to cook, and as the mother of two, I am always on the lookout for recipes that are both tasty and affordable. Sometimes I feel as though we eat the same few meals over and over again. I don’t know about the rest of the family, but I’m bored.

After a little research on the Internet, I found that I’m not alone on the boredom front, and like me, other moms are trying to eat well and stick to a budget.

I found a few websites that boast recipes for a family of four for under $10—and if you combine coupons and sale items, you may even get a lower price. Here are a few websites to try:

  • Allrecipes.com has a list of recipes for ten meals on $10. I especially love these recipes because they give you a list of optional splurges for each recipe.
  • Campbell Kitchen offers a list of recipes for ten meals under $10.00. All of these recipes received 4 out of 5 stars, and there is a good chance you have some of these staple ingredients already in your pantry.
  • Rachael Ray's official website also offers a list of budget friendly recipes, including Pasta E Fagioli With Roasted Garlic and Fennel. The Stuffing-Seasoned Chicken Cutlets With Pear Sauce looks like something even my kids will eat.
  • USA Today has an article with tips on how to be frugal and healthy when feeding a family of four for under $10.

I’m really excited to try out some of these recipes with my family. Please let me know what you have tried and if you have any favorites. Bon Appétit!


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