Hudson House's Brooke Wins Top Chef Episode

Local Redondo Beach chef Brooke Williamson won both the quickfire challenge and the elimination challenge on Wednesday night's episode.

Redondo Beach chef Brooke Williamson took home double honors on Wednesday night's episode of Top Chef.

Williamson, who co-owns the Hudson House in Redondo Beach and The Tripel in Playa del Rey, won both the quickfire challenge and the overall elimination challenge in the sixth episode of the foodie reality show on the Bravo network. 

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Brooke initially won immunity during the quickfire challenge, in which chefs were tasked with cooking a sweet and savoury dish based on their family's lineage. Williamson won over the judges stomachs with an apple crostata with cheddar cheese, candied pine nuts and apple salad.

"It was the basics taken to another degree," said guest judge Marilyn Hagerty, whose candid review of an South Dakota Olive Garden went viral last March. "It gave you a feeling of going home for the holidays.

With no chance of elimination, Williamson said she was able to cook something outside the box for the main elimination challenge in which the chefs catered a homecoming party for actors Anna Farris and Chris Pratt.

"I feel like since I have been here, I have been holding back a little bit because of just the fear of doing something a little bit out of the box and getting yelled at for it," Williamson told the judges.

Williamson prepared a winning dish of lamb stuffed squid on black rice with coconut milk. The dish prompted one taster to call it "one of the best thing I have ever had in my life."

"If this is the way you cook and you keep cooking this way, I can guarantee nobody is going to yell at you," judge Tom Colicchio told Williamson. 

With her winning dish, Williamson beat out 11 other chefs also took home a barnd new Toyota Prius c hybrid car. 

"Winning a car for something that you put out with your heart and soul... You can't ask for anything else better than that," Williamson said on the episode after winning.

Williamson has already survived six episodes of the show so far and will now compete against the remaining 10 chefs for the ultimate title of 'Top Chef.


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