Republicans—Tell a Better Story

President Obama "failed to tell a good story" to the American People. The Republican Party has a better story, based on freedom and national identity—one that can and must include everyone.

Romney’s melancholy but useful role has been to refute those determinists who insist that economic conditions are almost always decisive. Americans are earning less and worth less than they were four years ago; average household income is down $3,800; under the 11 presidents from Harry Truman through George W. Bush, unemployment was 8 percent or more for a total of 39 months but was above that for 43 Obama months. Yet voters preferred the president who presided over this to a Republican who, more than any candidate since the Great Depression, made his economic expertise his presidential credential. —George F. Will

Conservative Columnist George Will has often chided the chattering academic classes for their misapplied and distorted contention that in modern societies, cultural issues would subside, national interests would disintegrate, and emotionally charged values  would dissipate into conflicts in the Marxist dialectic of class and materialism.

From 9-11, to the Islamic jihad warring across the Middle East, to the leisure class—nay, lifestyle—of Southern Europeans compared to the diligent determinism of the North, the cultural aspects of community have determined politics in our times more, not less. Ethnic conflict has defined the growing warfare throughout the globe, from the invasion of Iraq, one which President George W. Bush tellingly, though inadvertently, called a "Crusade," to Iran's threat to "wipe Israel from the face of the earth."

This trend of culture over cashe was revealed as the real divide in the United States' 2012 election, even though pundits both left and right expected that economics would determine the trajectory of the election. One heard Reagan's "Are you better off after four years?" with a latent hint of Clinton's "It's the Economy. Stupid!" Nevertheless, President Obama still presides over a country with high unemployment, record enrollment onto federal subsidies, and a growing debt which is eroding our wealth and weal in the world. He still must manage a divided Congress, which reflects the divided identities of this country.

More than just money "matters"; not what's in the bank account, but why anyone has it there, and what they do with—those are the values that move voters, and they count. Respect also counts for the identity and the legacy of those who have come to this country looking for a better life, and they perhaps felt "alienated" by a fiscal manager who was looking at the budget deficits, yet ignored the cultural poverty which afflicts our schools, which conflicts with the needs of our youth, and which inflicts a deeper sense of loss, which has been replaced by immediate attention to fixing problems instead of fixing this country's future on the "full story." Not "hope and change," but "expectation with prosperity" needs to be the heartbeat of our political culture, one which esteems the life and well-being of the citizen in his country instead of degrading him into slavish dependence or identity with the government.

Life is more than balancing budgets. A land is more than dollars and cents. The nation is more than cutting deficits. The country is more than slashing spending. The Framers of the Constitution instituted limited government not in order to have less of something, but in order to form "a more perfect union."

A growing diversity of people want to be "this American, this new man" which French-American transplant-turned-farmer Michel Guillaume Jean de Crèvecœur described in his "Letters from an American Farmer." The thriving farmer, often read in high school American History courses, did not identify with a percentage of people receiving a stipend from the state. He identified with the warming and welcoming liberty which he won in this country, the individual impulse which chooses to associate and promote the well-being of his fellow man. Diminish the size of the state, certainly; stop the spending, too; but Americans deserve to be reminded what America is all about. President Obama told stories, and a slimmer majority of voters were listening. The Republican Party can tell the story better, and now they can share this story with everyone, and encourage more of them to add their part.

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South Bay Resident November 18, 2012 at 05:16 PM
It's interesting how Republicans (the politicians...not their constituents) can NEVER do any wrong. Like when statistically...and factually, when Republicans are in office, (oh, wait, and let's get something straight right from the beginning. Republican politicians [and many Democratic politicians as well] are nowadays not really politicians or PUBLIC SERVANTS...but rather, they are all CEO's...or excuse me...as Dick Cheney and other corporatados have done for decades...jumping back and forth between the Private Sector and the Public "Service?" Sector to see to the needs and greed of their corporate "No-Bid Contracts" with the government...oops! I mean, themselves...oops! I mean, well, actually, you know exactly what I mean) the Federal Deficit skyrockets. Then when a Democrat comes into office, and has to TRY and pick up all the pieces that the Republicans left behind, out come the Talk-Hate Radio and Television fat-heads like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Michael Savage and any of the other over-paid of corporate America's mouth pieces who spew their consistent drivel and corporate propaganda to keep their (sadly...ignorant) listeners in the dark about the facts and about the truth.
South Bay Resident November 18, 2012 at 05:18 PM
Personally, I have long since left both of the Corporate RepubliCratic One Party System many decades ago because they don't offer us citizens any real choices. They don't tell us the truth...probably never have. You see, because it IS the Elite who own and control our government...ultimately. Everything is commercialized, codified, numbered, listed, offered, owned, bought, sold, traded (and taxed), boxed, polished, stacked, housed, pushed, pulled, corralled, branded, brainwashed and embedded into the American psyche to the point where our own children don't even know what reality actually is or what the difference is between right and wrong anymore. We ship soldiers off to illegal Wars of Corporate Aggression and Profit to die or be wounded protecting Corporate INTEREESTS and bringing false security, false hopes and empty promises to the nationals of sovereign nations where we bomb these complete strangers into complete oblivion...heck, they aren't even that, they are “Bug Splatter” according to the operators of Bush's (now Obama's and the CIA's) vicious, tele-remote-controlled DRONE ATTACK aircraft. Remote controlled Wars of and for Profit. How cool is that? Wall Street must LOVE it!
South Bay Resident November 18, 2012 at 05:18 PM
All this war stuff is a manufactured farce created by War Profiteers...and it just happens to be that somewhere, somehow, some-people decided to sell their souls to the Devil and the Devil lives in the Weapons of Mass Destruction Factories of the Department of Offense in Washington, D.C.. That and Monsanto and J.P Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and any and all other mega-corporate, “Too BIG to Fail” Wall Street prot-fascists. The CIA, the NSA, “Homeland?” (it sounds so reminiscent of Nazi Germany) “Security? (WHAT security?!) and the bumbling FBI...the TSA and God knows we can list “law?” agency after “law?” agency (God knows...there are SO many of them!) who don't really seem to do $#@% in this country...except drain the American Taxpayer's coffers while providing absolutely NO “service?” whatsoever all the while illegally invading our privacy. And who could be blamed for how messed up our country is? I'd say it has about 50% to do with the Republicans and 50% to do with the Democrats...and 100% to do with my ignorant fellow compatriots who sit on their arses and feign any interest at all...if even that.
South Bay Resident November 18, 2012 at 05:19 PM
Personally, I think that the Republican AND Democratic “Parties...THAT'S for sure...they are definitely having a lot of parties...at OUR expense!) should be abolished. Wipe them clean. Get rid of them. Disallow corporate interference in government politics, make it completely illegal for ANYONE in the business community to run for PUBLIC OFFICE...EVER! Do you want to eliminate 99% of wars? Take away the profitability of MAKING WAR. Get rid of the CIA, the NSA and the insulting “Vaterland?” (Homeland?) Security. “Fear and Paranoia are the parents of Homeland Security.” Personally, a Republican could NEVER fix America's problems because it is Republicans AND their little buddies, the Democrats, who have caused all of America's problems. Perhaps if you guys stopped taking bribes...or maybe stopped GIVING each other bribes...or perhaps stopped stealing, or perhaps, stopped LYING...or perhaps, started CARING and being HONEST, and perhaps stopped labeling each other this thing or that thing...or perhaps stopped using people's differences of opinion to manipulate them using propaganda and obfuscation and disinformation...maybe one day, we could all get something done in this country. Ahhh...if only we could shed ourselves of all the labels we attach to each other, includling ourselves. Wouldn't it also be great if we could get religion out of our politics? THAT would so wonderful.


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