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Blog: Sign the Prop 13 Pledge, Al! Or Get Out of the Race!

Mr. Muratsuchi, in a recent debate, claims that he supports Prop 13, yet he has not signed the "Save Prop 13" pledge. Muratsuchi must sign the pledge to prove his support for taxpayers.

The race for the 66th Assembly District is heating up. On Oct. 4, 2012, the first debate between the two contenders, state prosecutor Al Muratsuchi and small-business owner Craig Huey, took place in the George Nakano Theater in Torrance, sponsored by the Torrance Police Officers Association.

About Torrance Unified School District Board Member Al Muratsuchi, I have commented that he appears to be “union bought and paid for.”  Still, he also advertises himself as an “Independent,” a real choice for the voters looking for sound representation in Sacramento. In a recent mailer, Muratsuchi claims that he is “Pro-Choice”, while Huey is an “Anti-Choice” ideologue, trying to play up a social issue which does not weigh on the minds of voters, unlike the disturbing number of businesses fleeing the state because of high taxes and overregulation.

Yet at the end of the debate sponsored by the Torrance Police Officers Association, Mr. Muratsuchi still refused to give up the $8,000 that he received from the California Teachers Association, citing that he was receiving money from many sources. For a candidate who supports choice, he apparently does not differ with organizations which refuse to empower school districts with the choice of removing predatory and dangerously dysfunctional instructors from the classroom.

Furthermore, Mr. Muratsuchi has failed to establish his views—or his choice, if you will—on the matter of  Proposition 13, the spearhead of the 1978 Tax Revolt that required legislators to amass a two-thirds majority before raising taxes while fixing property tax rates low.

In the October 4 debate, Mr. Muratsuchi did come forward declaring that he supports Prop 13, despite the “false accusations” of Mr. Huey. He emphasized that he “does not like taxes.” Yet the Torrance School Board member neglected to mention that Huey has signed a pledge to protect Prop 13, while all we have is Muratsuchi’s word.

The word of a political candidate means nothing when he has received considerable contributions from public sector unions and other special interests. Not once has Mr. Muratsuchi explained how he would lead or even contribute to comprehensive pension reform in Sacramento, nor did he allay the latent concern that he has a vested interest to protect – his pension as a school board member and state prosecutor. He remains mum because of public sector money, no doubt.

Later in the debate, the Torrance School Board member signaled that Torrance schools are suffering tremendously because of the severe budget cuts severing funding from the classroom. Unfortunately, not once did Muratsuchi explain the increasing role of spiraling pension and medical costs for retired teachers imagine on public education because. He claimed that retired teachers take in an average of $36,000 a year. Yet even Cal-STRS submitted a larger sum, one which rivals the pay of active teachers in 28 states. Pension obligations in total in California have now reached $500 billion, yet Muratsuchi contends that he does not want to lambaste public sector officials as “scapegoats.” Of course, no mention was made of Mark Berndt from Miramonte Elementary, the alleged predator now on trial for multiple lewd acts against children. He is still slated to receive his $4,000 a month pension.

Prop 13 is about protecting the taxpayer and the property owner from the political class. Prop 13 forced Governor Jerry Brown to present and promote Prop 30 on the November ballot, which would impose a 0.25% sales tax increase and a series of higher tax rates on income earners from $250,000 and above. Like many “soak the rich” advocates, Muratsuchi, a Prop 30 supporter because of dwindling public school revenues, refuses to recognize that small businesses by and large file as individuals, and thus would bear the brunt of this job-killing, investment stalling tax increase. While Sacramento stacks schools against taxpayers, as if they do not have a choice, no one from the statehouse on down has established any comprehensive reforms relating to how the revenues are collected, allocated, and invested. Even The San Francisco Chronicle exposed the extraneous overlapping and waste which still dominate in Sacramento to this day.

At the end of the debate, the country prosecutor claimed that actions speak louder than words, rebuffing Huey’s repeated challenge for his Democratic opponent to divest himself of the funds and endorsement from the public sector unions and career politicians who define the dysfunction in Sacramento. If Mr. Muratsuchi wishes to maintain his independence and his insistence that he will honor the interests of the taxpayer and the property owners in the South Bay, the vast majority of whom want to keep their homes, keep their jobs, and keep their tax rates low, then Al Muratsuchi must sign the Petition to Save Prop 13. No action would speak louder than his signature assuring South Bay voters that he will protect Prop 13, keep the two-thirds majority requirement for tax increases and keep property tax rates low.

Sign the Pledge, Al, or get out of the race!

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Charles Nichols October 13, 2012 at 08:21 PM
It doesn't matter if Muratsuchi signs the pledge or not, his word is worthless. You'll notice that Muratsuchi has rehashed the same attacks that Janice Hahn made in the 36th Congressional District special election but unlike Hahn, who tried to make Huey look guilty by association, Muratsuchi has falsely accused Huey of personal wrongdoing, including personally engaging in criminal activities. One would think a lawyer would know better but Muratsuchi isn't a very good lawyer. Despite Muratsuchi calling himself a "prosecutor" I could only find two cases were Muratsuchi was the attorney of record. In one, he was accused of encouraging a state investigator to lie and in the other he defended the state in a civil rights lawsuit by a prisoner who was denied medical treatment. The plaintiff in the first case won an out of court settlement and in the second case the judge partially sustained the complaint for the denial of medical treatment which resulted in his loss of hearing. Article of Muratsuchi suborning perjury -> http://www.utsandiego.com/uniontrib/20060623/news_1s23horses.html Federal Civil Rights case Muratsuchi opposed regarding denial of medical care to a prisoner -> http://tinyurl.com/MuratsuchiPrisoner
Arthur Christopher Schaper October 13, 2012 at 11:27 PM
Charles: Great Research! Get the Word Out! Muratsuchi has mud on his face and hands, because mud's all he's got, and he's flinging it fast!
Charles Nichols October 23, 2012 at 03:46 AM
Muratsuchi is a loony left liberal who moved to this country to attend UC Berkeley where he said he "Discovered himself" while engaged as a student activist. What is obvious to anyone who has seen Muratsuchi's attack ads on TV or received one of his fliers in the mail is that Muratsuchi thinks he is running for office in San Francisco in the year 1968 instead of in the South Bay of Los Angeles in 2012. No doubt we have a few aging hippies in the area but it is doubtful there are enough of them to make a difference in this election.


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