Over the weekend a friend posted a new Coca Cola commercial from South America. (http://www.fastcocreate.com/3023400/this-new-coke-ad-totally-captures-the-reality-of-early-parenthood?utm_source=facebook ) It depicts the joy that a couple has when finding out they are expecting a child. Then it quickly goes through their growth and life changes.

Change is really an understatement.

A clean house transforms into one where: toys are everywhere, nobody is getting enough sleep, and the dog isn’t the only one eating from the dog bowl. The Father’s face throughout the commercial is priceless. His expressions tell so much. He pulls out a prized record all gooey and is kicked in the head as his child plays on the couch : The atmosphere is something I believe all parents understand.

Life changes. Life is crazy. Life is – at times chaotic!

In the midst of December, we’re in the season of Advent, the crazy pre-Christmas season. This is a season where people are rushing to party after party and squeezing in shopping at every opportunity. We run, we celebrate, we laugh. And we even mourn. Because honestly – life is a little messy.

This advent our society has already expressed the chaos that is life. A few weeks ago Paul Walker died in a car crash, last week we remember the Sandy Hook school shootings, and on Friday, yet another student takes his life in a Colorado school.

Every year we try to mark the Christmas season with a couple of words : Hope.Peace.Joy.Love
But in the midst of our chaotic lives – sometimes it hard to see the hope, peace, joy, and love around us.

Sometimes in the midst of the suffering, it’s hard to experience joy.
But perhaps that’s because we often associate joy with happiness. Yet, the two are not actually synonymous. It was said at our worship gathering last night that joy can transpire throughout circumstances. Happiness is directly related to our circumstances.

What I love about the Coca Cola commercial is that it depicts the joy that permeates throughout the chaotic life that is.

No matter the situation. No matter what has been. Or what may be. There is JOY.
This is what Advent is. This is what Christ brings.

Suffering, anxiety, confusion, pain, chaos – in the midst of it all; there is JOY.

No matter what life threw at you this year. No matter what life throws at you today. There is joy in your midst.

New life can be found.
New life, is here.
New life is inviting us.

We can live; with toys everywhere, without enough sleep, when the dog isn’t the only one eating from the dog bowl, and we can choose JOY.

Christ is born! Christ is risen! Christ is coming again!
This is JOY.

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