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KDAY May Switch to Chinese Format

Redondo Beach-based radio station KDAY may switch from hip-hop to Chinese language broadcasting if the FCC approves the sale.

KDAY, a Redondo Beach-based classic hip-hop radio station, may switch to a Chinese-language format if a pending sale goes through, according to a report on Radio Insight.

"Magic Broadcasting has agreed to sell Classic Hip-Hop '93.5 KDAY' KDAY Redondo Beach/Los Angeles and KDEC Ontario/Riverside to RBC Communications for $19.5 million," according to reporter Lance Venta.

Phoenix Satellite Television—a British company based in the Virgin Islands that operates six cable networks in China—owns a 20 percent stake in RBC Communications; Anthony Yuen owns the other 80 percent, according to Radio Insight.

The sale must go through an FCC approval process before the station can switch formats, which would probably not occur before late summer, according to Radio Insight. This is the second time the owners have tried to sell the station.

Kent McCaman, Captain of Industry April 11, 2013 at 09:20 PM
Why does the FCC have the power to approve or deny a change of radio station format? Just government meddling, I suppose. I don't listen to hip-hop nor do I understand any languages of China. But I do hope that the buyer is allowed to invest in their business, and market it, as they believe is in their best interest.


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