Redondo Wine Bistro to Replace Grillish

Grillish, which opened in October 2011, closes. Signs in the window introduce its new replacement.

A new restaurant called Redondo Wine Bistro will open in the space recently vacated by Grillish in Riviera Village, according to signs posted in the closed restaurant's windows.

According to the Easy Reader, former Magiamo chef Rodrigo Hernandez will be in charge of the kitchen, with Diego Leporini managing.

Grillish opened in October 2011 as a casual restaurant where patrons could choose the type of fish they wanted and the style it was prepared; however, it later changed into a fancier sit-down restaurant specializing in seafood, steak and pasta. The restaurant closed at the end of January.

Jeannine Ingrassia Barnes February 22, 2013 at 02:22 PM
I never liked Grillish. Bad food, bad service. The decor was also very tacky, both before and after the little remodel. One time, the service was so bad, that the hostess/counter girl tried to steal my sunglasses off the table when I moved to a different table and accidentally left my sunglasses at the original table. I wonder if it is still owned by the same people??? Don't they also own The Yellow Vase? Sophie's Place? I sure hope the new wine bistro is managed correctly.
Kathleen Vincent February 22, 2013 at 07:08 PM
We were excited when a new restaurant came to town and couldn't wait to try Grillish. We received the worst service I have ever witnessed. The restaurant was empty with the exception of one other table of 4. The staff seemed overwhelmed. Their was no one in the restaurant but they acted like the six of us were two too many. They seemed bothered that we chose their restaurant for dinner. Their attitudes were obnoxious and rude. I'm pretty sure we were seated by the owner. It felt like we interrupted a family squabble. Something was going on because no one seemed happy we were there. The food was horrible. It's going to be hard to walk into the Wine Bistro without the nightmare restaurant experience on our minds the night we ate at Grillish. I think we'll give it some time and wait to hear if others are impressed first. The people that owned Grillish should get out of the restaurant business.
Bobak Nayebdadash February 22, 2013 at 09:27 PM
Jeannine, the management at Sophie's is completely different than that of the former Grillish. I cannot speak for the other establishments but at Sophie's Place we have made a concerted effort to improve our service over the past year and we have been quite successful in improving our guests dining experience. I hope you try for yourself and agree. -B
Jeannine Ingrassia Barnes February 23, 2013 at 02:11 AM
Hi It's Jeannine again...sorry about my unclear statement. But I wanted to let you know that SOPHIE'S PLACE IS AWESOME. WE LOVE IT THERE AND WE ARE SO HAPPY TO HAVE A NEIGHBORHOOD PLACE WITH GOOD FOOD, GREAT PEOPLE AND FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE. Keep up the good work Sophie's Place!!!!


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