Small Business Spotlight: EPage.com

Brad Waller of EPage.com answers five questions from Patch about his business.

Screenshot of EPage.com.
Screenshot of EPage.com.
Forget craigslist—EPage.com is possibly the Internet's oldest classifieds site, and now it's branched out into mobile apps. Vice President of Business Development Brad Waller took the time to answer five questions from Patch.

Patch: How did EPage.com get started?
Brad Waller: We wanted to build a business on the Internet and did some research starting in 1993. The Yellow Pages looked like a good idea, but would take a lot of data entry and sales. Ski maps would have been fun, but there was no good revenue model. We then looked at classified ads and realized that the users provide the content. We built the first online classified ad site and launched it in 1994. It was one of the first 1,000 "dot com" businesses in the world.

Patch: What's EPage.com known for?
Waller: A few things. Being involved in the early days means we pioneered quite a few things. We were the first Internet classified ad site, but we also have the oldest online affiliate program (where other people with Web sites advertise for the merchant and get paid based on sales made by their referrals). Many people think Amazon invented the idea, but it was around for a few years before they popularized it.

Since then we have expanded and our current growth area is building mobile apps. We have built over 200 apps. We do everything from games to corporate apps to apps for businesses and schools. 

Patch: What's unique about EPage.com?
Waller: Our adaptability. We started this business 20 years ago before most people had heard of the Web, and built it into a sustainable business. When Apple created the mobile app market, we immediately moved into that area as we knew that this was the next big thing.

As opportunities are created, we follow. We started with classifieds at EPage.com and then building full custom apps, and now we have a service to make apps affordable for any business (PrimeApps.com).

Patch: What's the best part about being located in the South Bay?
Waller: The South Bay! We all live in Redondo Beach, and when looking for office space we did not want to go far. Everything that makes the South Bay so great is why we live and work here. The weather (80 degrees on Christmas Day), the shops, the food, the schools, and the people are all as much as anyone could ask for.

Patch: If you could give your customers one piece of advice, what would it be?
Waller: Know what you need, what you want, and what you can afford. Everyone wants to know how much their app will cost, yet few know what their app will do—or why someone would want to use it. Having a great idea of what the app does, how users will interact with it, and your budget for the project will make it a lot easier to find a developer who can build your dream.

For more information about EPage.com, call 310-316-7424 or visit epage.com. 

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