Small Business Spotlight: HALE Pilates Method

Patch asks Jane Guerra and Kristen Betancur of HALE Pilates Method five questions about their business.

HALE Pilates Method. Photo courtesy Jane Guerra and Kristen Betancur.
HALE Pilates Method. Photo courtesy Jane Guerra and Kristen Betancur.
A few months' shy of a year ago, Jane Guerra and Kristen Betancur opened HALE Pilates Method. The pair agreed to answer five questions from Patch.

Patch: How did HALE Pilates Method get started?
Jane Guerra & Kristen BetancurFriends since college, Jane and Kristen share a mutual passion for health and wellness. When you feel strong, healthy, and full of energy, you are able to accomplish the most in life. From this belief, HALE was born. We wanted to create a space where people can come together, to push and support each other, in achieving their goals. HALE is more than a fitness studio. It is a place for learning, growth, and community. We opened our doors April of 2013.

Patch: What's HALE Pilates known for?
Guerra & Betancur: We offer a Reform 30/30 class that starts with 30 minutes on the Pilates Reformer, where you align, strengthen and lengthen your body. Then we move on to the TRX for a sweat-inducing session. This class is for the client who is short on time and wants it all!

Patch: What's unique about HALE Pilates?
Guerra & Betancur: At HALE, we understand the importance of being mindful in the way we take care of our bodies—from how we move to how we eat. We offer small class sizes to focus on technique and allow for a personal touch, all while keeping classes fresh and challenging!

Patch: What's the best part about being located in the South Bay?
Guerra & Betancur: The best part of being located in the South Bay is the sense of community. Jane grew up in the South Bay so this is home!

Patch: If you could give your customers one piece of advice, what would it be?
Guerra & Betancur: Approach your health and fitness as a lifestyle!

HALE Pilates Method is located at 326 S. Pacific Coast Hwy., Suite 100 in Redondo Beach. For more information, call 310-316-2421, email info@halepilates.com or visit halepilatesmethod.com.

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