Small Business Spotlight: I Tai Chi for Health

Patch asks Shahab Medi of I Tai Chi for Health five questions about his business.

Photo courtesy I Tai Chi for Health.
Photo courtesy I Tai Chi for Health.
I Tai Chi for Health owner Shahab Medi took the time to answer five questions from Patch.

Patch: How did I Tai Chi for Health get started?
Shahab Medi: I own Medi Enterprises Inc. that consists of an orthodontic lab primarily, but also recently moved to the South Bay to start and promote tai chi and qigong classes in the area since 2009.

Patch: What's I Tai Chi for Health known for?
MediProviding new an alternative excercises based on thousand years ancient wisdom, involving mind body and meditation, tai chi and qigong promoting healthy life and longevity.

Patch: What's unique about I Tai Chi for Health?
Medi: Introducing new mind body exercises to the beach cities communities that are easy and fun to do by 3 generations at the same time promoting healthy living and inter generational bond in family 

Patch: What's the best part about being located in the South Bay?
Medi: I love the South Bay, its cool people and healthy lifestyle, and made a decision to move my office here for that purpose.

Patch: If you could give your customers one piece of advice, what would it be?
MediThat there is now a new mind body exercise that is easy to do, doesn't require any mats, props or gadgets of any kind, can be practiced anywhere and is endorsed by major health and university researches such as the Harvard medical school that can help you combine a low impact exercise routine with mediation to aid in a healthy living and longevity.

I Tai Chi for Health is located at 1914 S. Pacific Coast Highway, No. 208 in South Redondo Beach. For more information, call 310-487-0087 or visit itaichiforhealth.com.

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