Small Business Spotlight: Living Tango

Patch asks Ilona Glinarsky of Livng Tango five questions about her business.

Screenshot from Living Tango YouTube video.
Screenshot from Living Tango YouTube video.
Are you ready to tango? Ilona Glinarsky wants to teach you the steps to the intricate dance. She answered five questions from Patch about her business, Living Tango.

Patch: How did Living Tango get started?
Ilona GlinarskyWhile learning how to dance (I started by taking recreation department classes here in Redondo 18 years ago), I also got my degree from the University of Santa Monica, Spiritual Psychology program. Never did I imagine that my two passions will come together and become a unique career.

I started teaching about 13 years ago at Third Street in LA. About 7 years ago, I decided to start my own business as an independent instructor and life coach. I wanted to share my passion for tango with my own community by teaching at South Bay Adult school first. Within two years, I started my own classes and coaching practice teaching throughout South Bay. As my classes grew, I also started organizing Argentine Tango dance events (called Milonga LAX) that now draw 180-250 dancers every month and are now considered "most popular" among LA tango community. 

Patch: What's Living Tango known for?
Glinarsky: I am known for my passion and ability to introduce complete novices and folks with "two left feet" to the art of the most extraordinary social partner dance—Argentine Tango. I am also one of the very few coaches that utilize the art of tango as a tool for personal growth and transformation. I work with singles and couples, bringing together my background as a dancer, classically trained pianist and a life coach (University of Santa Monica Spiritual Psychology program). Lately, my monthly dance events have become known for being the friendliest and the best milonga in LA (according to our local patrons as well as those who come to LA from all over the world to just dance tango). 

Patch: What's unique about Living Tango?
Glinarsky: My business is very flexible. I work in multiple studios and venues throughout LA, including Music Center and Agape International Spiritual Center as well as teach and coach my clients in their homes. I love working with wedding couples, offering wedding dance choreography along with some "per-marital therapy" using tango as a metaphor for a healthy, conscious relationship between equal partners. I also work with singles who are interested in attracting a perfect match yet might be dealing with inner blocks that prevent them from opening up to a loving relationship. 

Patch: What's the best part about being located in the South Bay?
Glinarsky: Being a 27-year resident of the South Bay, having raised my two children in Manhattan Beach, I absolutely LOVE this area and this community. We are so blessed to be here! I love knowing that while teaching partner dance, I am able to teach ordinary folks to connect with others in ways they have never done before. Hence, this promotes community building in a creative, non-invasive and fun way. 

Patch: If you could give your customers one piece of advice, what would it be?
Glinarsky: If you got LEARN TO DANCE on your bucket list, don't wait for a better day to come. Don't put anything you want to do off...the time is NOW! Everyone can learn to dance Tango, it is a social partner dance that is open to absolutely everyone. No partner needed!

Free Intro to Tango is offered on the first Sunday of each month at Milonga LAX

For more information about Living Tango, call 310-621-0622 or visit livingtango.com. 

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