Thanksgiving Feasts from Local Grocers

Not an expert chef? No time to cook a turkey for hours on end? Try these pre-cooked Thanksgiving dinners from local grocery stores.

Let's face it: not everyone is a master chef who can put together a flawless Thanksgiving feast from scratch. Some people need a little—or a lot—of help. While there are groups who opt to enjoy Thanksgiving at a local eatery, others would still prefer to serve the turkey at home.

Fortunately for the cooking-impaired crowd, local grocery stores are getting into the pre-cooked Thanksgiving dinner act. Here are a few options:

Sprouts Farmers Market

Sprouts Farmers Market in North Redondo Beach is offering customers their choice of a turkey or ham dinner that serves 6-8 people, according to its monthly circular. Both dinners include a fully cooked ham or turkey, red-skinned mashed potatoes, cornbread stuffing, brown gravy, a vegetable medley with garlic butter, cranberry-orange relish, 12 brown and serve dinner rolls, and a pumpkin pie for $49.99.


Vons is offering club-card holders a fully cooked 10- to 12-pound turkey, two pounds of stuffing, three pounds of mashed potatoes, 24 ounces of homestyle turkey gravy, 15 ounces of holiday cranberry sauce, a dozen dinner rolls and an 8-inch pumpkin pie for $39.99


Customers at Albertsons can purchase the chain's "Ultimate Turkey Dinner," which serves 8-10 people, for $89.99. The dinner includes a fully cooked 16- to 18-pound Butterball turkey, 40 ounces of green bean casserole, 40 ounces of mashed potatoes, 30 ounces of turkey gravy, 40 ounces of savory stuffing, 40 ounces of sweet potatoes, 16 ounces of cranberry sauce, a dozen dinner rolls and a 10-inch pie.


In North Redondo Beach, Ralphs is offering traditional holiday ham or turkey dinners through its deli counters for $49.99 each. Check with the store for an order form.

As always, check with the grocery store to make sure the it still has the dinner before leaving the house. These meals may sell out.


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