Small Business Spotlight: uShampooch

Patch asks Lilian Ariss of uShampooch five questions about her business.

uShampooch. Photo courtesy Lilian Ariss.
uShampooch. Photo courtesy Lilian Ariss.
uShampooch is a self-serve dog wash in South Redondo Beach. Owner Lillian Ariss took the time to answer five questions from Patch.

How did uShampooch get started?
Lilian Ariss: Established in 2001, uShampooch is the largest self-serve dog wash and professional grooming workshop in the South Bay. I took over as the third owner in April 2012. 

Patch: What's uShampooch known for?
Ariss: Self-serve dog wash, professional grooming, dog food & treats, raw diet, natural grooming products, accessories, boutique, workshops.

Patch: What's unique about uShampooch?
Ariss: uShampooch is more than just a dog wash. It's a neighborhood workshop where South Bay families get to bond with their dogs and with each other. Every day people come in happy to take care of one of their dirtiest chores—they've found a place that makes it easy. It's become a very social place where customers come in just to say hi.  

Patch: What's the best part about being located in the South Bay?
Ariss: The South Bay is an amazing mix of beachy and suburban that attracts people from everywhere. There are clean and cool breezes, gorgeous sunsets, safe communities, dog-loving.

Patch: If you could give your customers one piece of advice, what would it be?
Ariss: Be good to your dogs. Stay active together. Tell them all your secrets.  

uShampooch is located at 1218 Beryl St. in Redondo Beach. For more information, call 310-798-7300 or visit ushampooch.com.

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