South Bay Organizer Offers 7 Tips to Jumpstart 2014 with a Clean Slate!

Martella Keniry, SOS Organizing Services.
Martella Keniry, SOS Organizing Services.
A new year is a good time to clear the clutter. However, organizing my office, clearing my home of the non-essential or even helping to pull together all those old photos stored in shoe boxes, seemed so daunting to me. SOS Organizing Services in Redondo Beach and Martella Kinery made the whole thing easier with her  7 Organizing Tips.

January is National "Get Organized" Month, and Martella helps people "merge, purge and organize." I know because she's helped me many times over the years. Here's what others told me when I began writing this story.

“Martella’s organizing and bookkeeping skills were instrumental in making my business work like a well-oiled machine for many years,” says Hermosa Beach dentist, Dr. Roberta Blowers. “She’s meticulous, honest, and an all-around good person who knows how to streamline an office. One less stress to worry about,” she adds.

But there’s more. What about the garage so full of stuff that family cars cannot park inside, or a closet so jammed packed it all tumbles out when the door is opened. Keniry takes these tasks beyond just clearing and organizing.

“Martella is a forward thinking person, a visionary of sorts,” says business owner and product developer, Joe Galasso. “She is a unique soul who understands the stress of disorganization and the human need to have things where they can be found.”

One client presented a particularly touching story. Keniry was hired by a family member to help an 84-year-old woman with early onset dementia to organize her financial affairs. Keniry discovered that a former bookkeeper had not only been shredding vital receipts and shifting to a paperless system, she also uncovered credit card fraud.

“After six months of reconstructing all her financial records, our family matriarch is back on track—AND she is in a much better tax situation as well,” says Aylin Ozanlar. “Martella literally saved the day.”

7 Organizing Tips for 2014

Keniry offers these timeless, basic skills (some are probably just what your mom used to tell you as a kid).

1. Most importantly, merge like items together, purge what you no longer need, and organize what’s left.

2.  Make appointments with yourself to get tasks done that you have been putting off; actually block out time on your calendar for two to four or more hours a week.

3. Outline major categories of your life or business and analyze your “life outline” to help to stay on track with the most important matters.

4.  Put things back where they belong when finished with them.  Just like people and animals, all of your possessions and paperwork need “homes.”

5. Do the most unpleasant task first; then congratulate yourself.

6. Determine how much you are “worth” an hour.  And if it is cheaper to hire someone to do the task you can’t or won’t do, then hire someone and delegate it.

7.  Work on each task only as long as you are able without getting upset, full of resentments or overly tired.  Schedule your appointments when your energy level is high.


SOS Organizing Services helps people “merge, purge and organize." For more information, contact Martella Keniry directly at www.coachmartella.com, or call me, Wendy Taylor at 310-463-7509. 


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