2012 Seasonal Shipping, Mailing Deadlines for Holiday Packages

The USPS offers tips and suggestions to ensure holiday packages arrive in time for the holidays.

Are you one of the many holiday revelers with families and friends spread all over the country and the world? If so, even before you dive into that gift list, it's important to know how early must you buy, wrap and post holiday gifts so they get to their destination in time for the holidays.

Here are some suggestions and mailing deadline dates from the USPS to ensure your gifts are delivered on time and in one piece:

Packing tips from the USPS:

  • Double-check addresses & write legibly
  • Shake boxes to make sure they’re well packed
  • Priority Mail is fast for last minute gifts
  • Express Mail is even faster

Holiday Dates for Domestic Mail

Calculated for December 25, 2012.

Domestic Mail Class/Product Dates First-Class Mail Service Dec. 20 Priority Mail Service Dec. 21 Express Mail Service Dec. 22 Parcel Post Service Dec. 14 Destination Network Distribution Center (DNDC) Drop Ship Dec. 19 Destination Delivery Unit (DDU) Drop Ship Dec. 21

Holiday Dates for International Mail

Destination Global Express Guaranteed Service Express Mail Service Priority Mail Service First-Class Mail International Service Africa Dec. 19 Dec. 11 Dec. 3 Dec. 3 Asia / Pacific Rim Dec. 18 Dec. 15 Dec. 10 Dec. 10 Australia / New Zealand Dec. 18 Dec. 15 Dec. 10 Dec. 10 Canada Dec. 20 Dec. 17 Dec. 13 Dec. 10 Caribbean Dec. 19 Dec. 15 Dec. 13 Dec. 10 Central & South America Dec. 19 Dec. 11 Dec. 3 Dec. 3 Mexico Dec. 20 Dec. 15 Dec. 10 Dec. 10 Europe Dec. 19 Dec. 15 Dec. 13 Dec. 10 Middle East Dec. 19 Dec. 15 Dec. 13 Dec. 10

Click here for "send by" dates for military mail.


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