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'Doc' Mishler Rides Through Redondo

"Doc" Mishler is on a mission to raise awareness for starving children. On Monday, he rode down Pacific Coast Highway in Redondo Beach.

Motorists in Redondo Beach got quite a shock midday Monday as a cowboy rode one horse and led two others down Pacific Coast Highway.

The man, identified through photos as "Doc" T. Lawrence Mishler, is a "long ride" cowboy trekking cross-country to raise awareness for starving children, according to various articles online.

He was spotted Friday in Malibu. Patch blogger Melanie wrote this of the encounter:

This was a man with a mission, traveling from Montana to Washington, DC with a detour through California. Doc is a character from the Old West and he seems to march to his own drummer. He survived cancer, a hip replacement and a quadruple bypass, but that wasn't going to stop him from getting in the saddle for his long journey.

It's not clear where he began his most recent ride—some news accounts say Florida, while others say Montana. Most agree that this is not his first ride.

“We all have a common commandment: Feed the hungry children,” Mishler told the Lyon County Reporter in 2012. “That’s what it’s about. A journey without purpose is meaningless.”

Redondo Beach Patch has reached out to Mishler via email for more information.


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