NZ Storm Brings High Surf to SoCal

High surf is on the horizon because of a storm near New Zealand, a National Weather Service advisory warns.

A high surf advisory is in effect along Redondo Beach and other parts of the Southern California coast, according to the National Weather Service in Los Angeles.

A strong storm system near New Zealand has produced large swells, which have crossed most of the Pacific Ocean on their way to the South Bay, the weather advisory said.

The swells hit the local shoreline Wednesday night, and will persist until Friday night. 

The swells will have a period of around 20 seconds—producing breaks reaching 10 feet at peak times. The weather advisory also warned that the swells could create a high risk for rip currents.

"The surf may cause hazards for anyone entering the water, producing rip currents and localized beach erosion," said the advisory, which was originally issued Tuesday. 


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