Redondo Renames Planning Department

The city of Redondo Beach eliminates its department of engineering and building services.

With the retirement of City Engineer Steve Huang in December, the city of Redondo Beach has eliminated the engineering and building services department as of last week. Its functions were absorbed into the planning and public works departments.

The building functions of the former engineering and building services department were moved to the planning department, which was renamed the community development department. The new community development department will oversee administration of the city's long-range and current planning programs; oversight of building plan checking, permitting and inspection of all private construction in the city; and code enforcement of the city's zoning ordinance, housing code and other related municipal codes.

The engineering functions of the former engineering and building services department were moved to the public works department, which now is responsible for maintenance and operation of all public facilities, parks, streets, sewers, vehicles, infrastructure and equipment; oversight of city-wide solid waste and recycling collection; management of city capital improvement projects; public right-of-way construction and permitting; and compliance with federal, state and regional environmental regulations.

According to the city, the engineering permit functions of the public works department, as well as all community development department services, will be provided at the public counters at City Hall Door E, located at 415 Diamond St. in South Redondo Beach. Public works maintenance and operations services will be administrated at the City Yard at 531 N. Gertruda Ave.


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