Top 10 Stories: Breakwall on 'Bar Rescue'

Redondo Beach Patch is counting down its 10 biggest local stories from 2011. The No. 1 story? Breakwall opens on the Redondo Beach Pier.

It's been a crazy year. From fish die-offs to reality television episodes to freeway news (and everything in between), Redondo Beach Patch writers were always busy. Here is the year's top story, chosen by popularity and editorial discretion.

Kilkenny's Becomes Breakwall (No. 1)

It all started with a tweet saying that film crews were shooting a new television series at Kilkenny's on the . The new series? Bar Rescue. Each episode features host Jon Taffer entering a failing bar and attempting to turn its fortunes around through training the staff, creating a new menu, redecorating and other methods.

And so, became .

The episode itself cast then-Manager Carlos as the villain—someone who seemed to sabotage the new menu and who refused to follow Taffer's instructions. After the episode aired, a question was on everyone's minds: Was Carlos fired? (He was still employed at the bar in August.)

As for whether Bar Rescue saved Kilkenny's/Breakwall, that remains to be seen. In a story published shortly before the episode aired, bartender Carlos Lara said that "business has been great."

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