An Issue of Motivation

Why does someone run for office?

The most fundamental question is why—why run?

As my campaign manager and good friend Christopher Quain put it, people run for local office for basically one of a few reasons. Perhaps they are an individual who percieves their community heading in the wrong direction and wants to steer it back on track. Then there are a business owners who are tired of dealing with fees, fines, restrictions, red tape, and cumbersome oversight from the current officials.

Still there is another group who pander to the people while pursuing their own vested interests. We can all agree, government is glut with the latter. A simple look at my opponents' campaign contributions only typifies this.

I consider myself part of the first group.

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L. Campeggi February 06, 2013 at 02:52 AM
It's interesting that we sometimes miss this very important part of elections. What the candidates say is one thing. Of equal importance is knowing the sources of their campaign contributions. For those just beginning a run for political office, the records might not show much, which is to be expected. That's not bad news, either. But when you see the contributions to a candidate coming from outside the jurisdiction in which they're running, that's cause for concern. All candidates have to file with the city clerk, and it's public record. Also, all PACs (Political Action Committees) must do the same. In that regard, check out NoPowerPlant.com. You'll find over $60,000 raised since June 2012, with the majority coming from quite a number of Redondo Beach residents. Prior to the PAC formation of NoPowerPlant.com, this group raised approximately $35,000 for another PAC to fund the writing and legal fees of the initiative that is now Measure A. Again, mainly from Redondo Beach residents. This proves that Measure A truly is "By Residents, For Residents." No special interest money, just the people of Redondo Beach, contributing almost $100,000 for YES on A. If you want to find out just WHO is funding WHO or what, get the records from the City Clerk. Look closely. When you see the majority of a candidate's campaign contributions coming from outside of their jurisdiction, pay particular attention, as THAT is who and what you might really be voting for.
Fred Reardon February 06, 2013 at 06:40 AM
Christopher Quain is a good soul. Keep listening.


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