Blog: AES Stated, If the People of Redondo Beach Don't Want a New Power Plant, They Will Not Build It

Are statements like this meant to mislead the citizens of Redondo Beach? Why has every attempt to gauge the will of the citizens of Redondo Beach been thwarted? It’s telling.

Perhaps my ears were clogged, with all the noise pollution from the AES Redondo Beach Power Plant over the years (think noise ordinance violating steam/pollution releases); however, I’m pretty sure I heard AES go on record (at a Redondo Beach Council Meeting) stating that “if the people of Redondo Beach do not want a new power plant then AES would not build it?” Therefore, the passage of Measure A will send a message to AES that we don't want the plant. If they sue us, they will be not be honoring their word.

It appears, the new proposed new power plant, which is not designated as "must run," will only be effective at producing more unnecessary pollution (compared to recent decades) that can potentially harm nearby residents. It also appears that the proposed new plant will also be effective in reducing our potential renewable energy, (clean electricity) portfolio in the state with fossil fuel burning (polluting) generated electricity.

Myself, and others, are concerned that the new proposed plant may also be effective in supporting the huge appetite for electricity that will be required by an aquatic life-killing machine (desalination plant). If you think this is not a possibility, why is the desalination experiment being conducted and why are they still advertising tours of the desalination experiment every week? By not passing Measure A, are we allowing desalination to replace one form of aquatic life killing (through cooling of the power plant with ocean water) with another? Recent studies have shown that aquatic life measurements are down in the harbor area?  I wonder why? Could it have something to do with the desalination experiment?  I don’t think the West Basin Municipal Water District has said they do not plan to build a desalination plant on the AES site?

There are so many potential negatives. We should all consider these things in the March 5 election. Many of us don't want new unnecessary pollution, the associated harmful health effects related to a nearby toxic plume (think harmful micro particles), and the possibility of a new aquatic life-killing machine in Redondo Beach. Think about it. Please do some research on these important considerations. If you are not familiar with what is going on related to this important issue, visit nopowerplant.com. There is straightforward information available on this site and it was generated, not by special interests, but by your neighbors. After you study the facts, I hope you will Vote Yes for measure A.

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Tim Sole February 19, 2013 at 09:56 PM
Fred, I use to hunt "Pheasant" when I was in my teens. Coming back to my small town after a tour in the Marine Corps. The environmentalist said, the hunters killed all of the "Pheasant" off. Hunters are one of the environmental movements favorite targets. This is as I was looking around at all of the development that had occurred while I was away, thinking to myself, that was some of the best "Pheasant" hunting around where that building, subdivision or parking lot now stood. I'm sure you ask how that relates to the power plant. It's simple, while the environmental extremists scream their point of view on the power plant, all I have to do is look up what their leader, Henry Waxmen gets in form of campaign contributions, as recorded by the "Federal Election Committee". Next, just look around at Redondo Beach and go wow, this place is overdeveloped. Where that plant sits, is the last piece of land that can be developed, further enriching the liberal environmental whack jobs, who own most of the development companies, yes, all of the names are on the "FEC" site for their "Dear Leader's PAC". Hard to hide the money trail these days. If they could just chase that evil American Company off their property. Look how much more they could make developing it and just think how much more dear leader could have ponied up in his campaign war chest. Anyone who screams as loud as the environmentalists are, are hiding something, gigs up guys. Its all on the "FEC" website.
Fred Reardon February 21, 2013 at 10:24 AM
Tim, I think you are on to something. I think many people would be cool with AES turning some of the site into a nature preserve after the zoning change. AES could use it for corporate hunting trip destination for their employees and clients. They could use the whale wall as a buffer around the preserve. I would recommend bow hunting to avoid stay shot. We could lobby the cities of Healdsburg and Hollister for some CA wild boar transplants to the site. We could seek support from one of the Delta waterfowl hunting clubs to stock the site with waterfowl. AES and volunteers could build a stream to the ocean and stock Steelhead. We could donate some decoys to attract birds for a waterfowl pond. We could do some outreach and get volunteers to build some blinds for the bird watchers. I don’t think Pheasant or waterfowl hunting would be permitted (again…the stray shot thing) but Ducks Unlimited may support an awareness center that could promote an educational curriculum. AES could leave some of the old power plant infrastructure in place for a sort of industrial paint ball battle zone. And, within the 30% commercial and 10% institutional section of the zoning they could build a firing range, complete with a gun safety program, convention center, restaurants, lodging, satellite University Campus, etc. They/We could lobby for a Wounded Warriors rehabilitation facility.
Fred Reardon February 21, 2013 at 10:25 AM
There are so many things AES could do with the site after the zoning change. The key point here is that the zoning change need not be considered an environmental wackjob assault. The zoning change is simply a way a saying we do not want to risk harming our families and community with a polluting, not considered, “must run” new power plant. And, after the zoning change we should work with AES and allow them to make as much money as they can on the site without the noise, landscape and air pollution associated with a new unwanted plant. I think the majority of people are open to AES making a lot of money from the site through various endeavors that conform to the new zoning. Quite simply put, many of us do not support a new power plant and all the resulting negatives. Some of my tongue-in-cheek comments above may seem silly or sarcastic. However, that it not my intent. We simply have an ardent desire to protect our families and as a community, we should seek something better than settling for an unwanted plant. Measure A is a plan that provides much value for the AES site minus the heavy pollution. Vote Yes on Measure A.
Tim Sole February 22, 2013 at 01:11 AM
Fred, now that's better. Lets get back to basics in America. Let's work with businesses and individuals to do economic good, while preserving the environment. We can no longer economically afford to just save the environment, we must also save jobs and the American economy. That is why I will continue to call out anyone that doesn't want to find middle ground. You may not believe this, but I don't want that plant either. I ride my bike, when I get a chance and it is an eye sore, when I ride past it. So, for the supporters of Mr. Waxman, I will continue to call the environmental extremist out, until he finds the nerve to move to middle ground, support America, her entire bill of rights, including the second amendment, her economy and not just the environment.
David Mallen March 03, 2013 at 05:47 PM
Fred: You were way out in front of this issue for years. Thanks for paying attention.


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