Blog: Message to Voters in Districts 1 and 2

Voters in districts 1 and 2 need to look closely at their most outspoken candidates.

When you do some things that no one ever did before, you may be considered innovative. Other times, you realize when it’s too late there was a good reason no one ever did what you’ve just done.

No other city anywhere in the state, the country or the world ever passed a ballot initiative that re-zoned the land under a utility while it was still operating and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. If you’re thinking about voting for Measure A and it passes, I believe you will soon realize there’s a good reason why no other city passed a similar initiative. Passing Measure A would certainly make Redondo Beach unique, but hardly innovative.

There are other things that happen in Redondo Beach that don’t seem to happen elsewhere. In my experience, when you’re elected to serve as part of a legislative body, you make a pledge to work within the structure of that body. You forgo your right to work against that body. You accept the fact you have only one vote. You recognize that sometimes your opinion will be in the minority. You accept the times you get outvoted.

The process of majority rule actually makes the body stronger than the sum of its parts. The legislative body makes a statement, we’re a team and the goals of the team and the work we were sent here to do is more important than the opinions of any individual team member.

It’s a little different in Redondo Beach. In late 2011 councilman Bill Brand gave the rest of the city council an ultimatum. Either you pass a resolution stating the city is against re-powering the AES plant or I’ll go outside the structure of the council to make that statement. He made good on that threat. He co-authored the document and promoted the petition that led to Measure A.

In my experience, when a legislator feels so strongly that the legislative body has taken a course that violates his or her fundamental beliefs, the legislator resigns. He or she may choose to work outside the legislative body or even against it to satisfy some deeply held conviction the legislative body did not share. They talk the talk and walk the walk.

Not in Redondo Beach. Councilman Brand continues to sit on the council. He even pulled papers for a re-election campaign shortly after the process that led to Measure A was begun.

The city doesn’t have any guidelines to prevent this kind of disruptive action because it’s never happened before. When people believe so strongly that some government action is wrong, they take a stand against the government. Has anyone ever heard about someone standing with the government and against the government at the same time?

Would you call Brand’s stand a semi-conviction? If he and his fellow insurgents picket outside city hall, will he have to cross his own picket line to conduct his city hall duties? If it turns violent, will he pelt himself with rocks and bottles?

The city conducts a portion of the business between itself and AES in closed sessions. Bill Brand has excluded himself from some of those sessions on the advice of the city attorney. So as business between the city and AES increases, we could expect a re-elected councilman Brand to be barred from fully participating in more city council proceedings because of his extracurricular legislative activities.

Along comes Bill Brand’s sidekick, Jim Light, who’s running for city council in District 1. He’s the co-author of Measure A so if he were elected, the same rules would apply to him in matters concerning AES.

So if Jim Light and Bill Brand get elected, the citizens of Districts 1 and 2 will send representatives to the city council who cannot fully participate in council proceedings. Anyone in Districts 1 or 2 who casts a vote for Light or Brand needs to truly believe that their representative can function effectively inside city government at the same time he’s fighting against city government. This doesn’t make any sense to me but like I said before, some things happen in Redondo Beach that don’t happen elsewhere.

This is their second initiative together, third if you count Measure G. Brand was on the council when he engaged in the actions that led to Measure A. Does anyone believe this is their last initiative? Does anyone in Districts 1 or 2 believe he or she will be fully represented by council members who invest so much energy in extracurricular legislative activities? If these guys got elected and don’t get their way, history shows us there will be more initiatives, more disruption, more wasted energy.

Read some of Jim Light’s blog post comments and you will see a person who’s so convinced he’s always right, he will spend endless amounts of time looking for little fragments of information that prove his arguments. Imagine that kind of a personality disorder in our city government. If you believe as I do the City Council accomplishes much less than it should accomplish, adding Jim Light will effectively paralyze the process.

I can’t think of an election for anything, anywhere in which two candidates could brag to voters about their work against the institution they want to get voted onto and stand any chance of winning the election. Add to that the guarantee they won’t be able to fully participate in council proceedings and the very real possibility they will create other disruptive initiatives during their council terms and you may feel what I feel when I think about the possibilities, fear.

I believe that in the end, the city of Redondo Beach will have to negotiate with AES. In the end, the city will need to compromise. If Measure A passes, it will do nothing but delay the inevitable and cause us to miss the opportunity to work with AES now, to get the best deal for the city of Redondo Beach.

Jim Light and Bill Brand have stated emphatically they will not compromise and they will not negotiate unless they get to define the basis for that negotiation. They’re willing to waste the taxpayers’ time and money pursuing a strategy that has very little chance of success. I’ve heard the Measure A camp state that under some circumstances, they will to sue the city. Are these the attitudes of people we want on the team that runs Redondo Beach? Can you really have a team with members who harbor deep resentment toward the institution they want you to vote them onto?

The city of Redondo Beach has big challenges ahead. We need leadership that understands and values cooperation over personal agenda and ego. I’m hoping the voters of Districts 1 and 2 will help Jim Light and Bill Brand continue to do what they do best, oppose, obstruct and disrupt. I’m just hoping the voters ensure they do it from outside Redondo Beach government rather than from inside and outside at the same time

Harry Munns blogs at buildingthebestredondo.com.

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Kelly Sarkisian February 25, 2013 at 12:03 PM
Harry, I don't agree with you all the time, but this was well put together and truly sends a message to the voters. I'm sure in a few hours Mr copy and paste Light will try to refute it. I'm also sure that his cheerleaders will also flock to regurgitate the same old points. It is a new perspective on this important issue. Well done Harry!
Jim Light February 25, 2013 at 03:07 PM
Well Harry and Kelly, these posts are so inaccurate, it is hard to pick a place to start. 1) Chris Cagle made Councliman based on his referendum petition to stop Heart of the City zoning for 3000 condos (which interestingly all started with AES wanting to build a smaller plant with condos on the rest of the property). So he did indeed campaign on his opposition to City Hall. 2) There HAVE been several initiatives against power plants. One example is the Rancho Seco plant. It passed. No lawsuit. And the right to change zoning by initiative has been challenged in courts and upheld repeatedly. 3) Our participation in Measure A does not preclude us from participating in anything related to the power plant. Otherwise, none of the Council could participate as each has stated a position on Measure A. 4) Councilmen and Mayors sue their city with more regularity than Munns purports. A simple Google search brings up examples in Milpitas, Yuma, Philadephia, Richmond, and many more. The Daily Breeze praised Brand's action: " We elect politicians to take stands and make decisions. That is exactly what...Brand has done." Bill didn't sue Redondo anyway, but he did help raise the funds. And four judges found that the City violated the City Charter. No one is above the law. Kelly talks about special interests. I cater to one special interest only and that is the quality of life of the residents of Redondo.
Paul Svoboda February 25, 2013 at 03:58 PM
In a few days, we will all know what the people of Redondo Beach desire. Hopefully, than our elected and appointed officials will carry out these desires working together. For many of us, Bill and Jim represent living in what the US constitution guarantees, the right of quiet enjoyment or leaving the city. Instead of personally attacking Bill and Jim who clearly have studied and understood the issues made the rest of Redondo Beach's elected and appointed officials should take the time to study the issues and hear the voices of the people. I sure do not want to live in a Bananna Republic where the door to door politician is carrying the brochures printed by and stamped with the mame of a corporate etntity whose ability to do business is on the ballot. Maybe the rest of the council and the mayor should resign if you folks do not agree with what can only be termed as a populist uprising against a tyrannical government!
Harry Munns February 25, 2013 at 05:37 PM
Thanks Kelly. If you know any voters in Districts 1 and 2, please send them links. I truly believe the city needs to send the Light/Brand/A Ticket the same message we sent them with Measure G. The 60s are over. Stop interfering with the people in Redondo Beach who want to make the city a better place.
Harry Munns February 25, 2013 at 05:49 PM
As usual Jim, you manipulate the truth to satisfy your need to be right all the time. 1. Chris Cagle didn't engage in legislative activities outside the council while he was on the council. 2. Rancho Seco was a publicly owned utility and the public was expected to determine its fate. 3. It isn't Brand's opinion that caused the city attorney to tell him not to participate in closed session. It was the actions you and he took against AES. 4. I don't have the kind of time on my hands that you appear to have so I won't be researching all the instances of elected officials suing. But this is a great example of what you always do, "it's OK if we do it because someone else did something worse". My mom always told me two wrongs don't make a right. I guess you didn't get that message.
Fred Reardon February 25, 2013 at 05:50 PM
Neighbors, please be advised, a fake name and likely a paid pro power plant public relation firm representative has joined the forum. Please be mindful that these polluters will use any tactics money will buy to manipulate voters. Has anyone received one pro power plant mailer or read one advertisement that has not been funded by AES? Even the politicians that speak out for the new power plant, express themselves on documents funded by AES. What a bunch of sellouts. Their propaganda is meant to deceive RB residents so they will not vote for Measure A. Vote for Measure A and send a message to these polluters that we don't want their dirty politics, polluted rhetoric and certainly not their air pollution. YES on A
Jim Light February 25, 2013 at 06:41 PM
You are quibbling Harry. 1) you said you knew of on one who used their opposition to a city to run for office. It happens all the time when people are dissatisfied with the practices of City Hall. Chris Cagle ran on his opposition to the City's approval of Heart of the City and won. 2) Initiatives have stopped power plants. And initiatives have changed zoning. Measure A is not that unique. 3) Our position on Measure A would not preclude us from any decisionmaking on the Council related to AES. Your statement about our ability to participate is false. 4) You stated that Councilman forgoes their right to take action against that body. That is not true and I provided examples. In fact, if the Council votes to do something wrong, it is everyone's right and duty to oppose it. In this specific case, Bill was right. The City Council (including three of our current mayoral candidates) voted to violate our own City Charter and four judges agreed. 5) And if you want to call decision making based on research a "personality disorder" then I am guilty as charged. The engineer in me wants to base decisions on facts. Our track records show Bill and I stand for what we believe in and that we fight for the quality of life of residents over special interests. If that is what people want, they should vote for us.
Mary Ruth Ewell February 25, 2013 at 07:34 PM
Mr. Munns, State Senator Ted Lieu & Congressman Henry Waxman have made supportive statements of the initiative process, specifically in this issue. Why? It is built into our constitution, the only vehicle citizens have with a non responsive body of elected officials. R.B.City Councils have historically voted pro-development ($$). Bill Brand,elected on a platform that STATED his intention to address the inequities of AES (running a mere 5% of the time b/c the electricity is not needed on the grid, has earned the title: 94th greatest air polluter in the WHOLE STATE; has coerced their way out of paying the UTILITY TAX on their production: Measure UU 4 years ago;reap the financial gain of selling their electricity to the highest bidder while residents are VICTIMIZED by the particulate pollution that AES proposes to increase 15x the present level of 4.7 tons yearly, their “cleaner, more efficient plant”. 20% of the AES Corporation, based in Virginia, is owned by China.) To have ordinary citizens like Jim Light & Bill Brand take on this CORPORATE BULLY who either threatens with their legal club , or ingratiates themselves by sponsoring the Chamber of Commerce & Michael Jackson, is to me an act of HEROISM. Leadership in the City Council? Bill Brand, who will not cow under pressure. Would that incumbents like Aust, Kilroy, Steve Aspel/Diels, had a platform! DO THEY STAND for ANYTHING?? I am writing to say to you, Mr.Munns, THESE incumbent emperors HAVE NO CLOTHES.
Harry Munns February 25, 2013 at 08:30 PM
Ms. Ewell. Ted Lieu's office sent me the following message, "Sen. Lieu has not taken a position on either the project or the initiative itself." Henry Waxman wrote, "I explicitly told councilman Brand I was not endorsing the ballot proposal. I think it is unwise and it will lead to a great deal of litigation..." These statements are not my opinions. They are quotes. The entire argument for Measure A is built on distortions. Every elected official (other than a few in the city) whose district covers Redondo Beach recognizes that and none of them endorse Measure A. I fully support the rights of citizens to mobilize against anything in the community they feel is wrong. If they feel AES is wrong, mobilize against it. If they feel the city council is wrong, mobilize against it. But have the backbone to stand completely against these things. Don't stand with them and against them at the same time. It's hypocritical.
Jim Light February 25, 2013 at 08:50 PM
For full disclosure Harry, here are quotes from Lieu and Waxman" "I believe the citizens should have the right to vote for an initiative, because it's such a monumental issue," Lieu said. "I support the permanent retirement of the AES Redondo Beach power plant when and if grid reliability can be assured without it. This is no place for a new power plant. But I am not taking a position on Measure A in the March 5th, Redondo Beach election. I will leave that decision to the voters, and will honor those results regardless of the outcome." - Waxman
Grant Patterson February 26, 2013 at 04:04 AM
Hary, all you have done in this article is tell half the story at half truth. When the citizens of Redondo hear the entire truth, good or bad, they can then make the decision for themselves. This is an issue that has some unknown facts so therefore all we can do is get the best and worst case sinario and make an educated decision. The mailers that AES designs and Redondo public officials put their names and faces on don't tell the whole story and therefore mislead the citizens. The yes on A camp has done their best to tell the whole story. Never guarantying a park, never saying there is no way for AES to litigate with the city. Only time after time saying that with all the fact on the table Measure A still is the best chance for Redondo to get rid of the power plant. That is what the majority of the residents want, NO MORE POWER PLANT. In a couple days we will find out the outcome.
Bob February 26, 2013 at 03:17 PM
Harry, you wrote another great article. Politicians are suppose to work for the people, and not against the people. I am all for being convicted on a belief and following thru with that belief and I certainly appreciate that. But when it leads to just being a hack that's when it get's destructive. I have watched many different discussion boards and it appears that Light and Brand have a following almost groupies who protect them and basically believe every word. What I have noticed is that they are not even close to being civil. Always so rude and demeaning. Many of them so arrogant to believe that if you don't have a law degree you can't have an opinion, or your opinion is less then there's. Harry, there is simply no way to have a civil discussion with people like that. They don't care about what is good for everyone in the city, just what makes them look right. I have watched many of your blog postings and you always have relevant information. And some times you get opposition to that which is health. And the opposition is a good thing so that all sides can have a discussion of facts. Unfortunately that is not the case with Brand and Light and there loud followers. I think the term that kids use in school is Bullies. You can bet that if the people speak on March 5 and it is for Brand and Lights Measure, everything will be fine. If it is against there belief they will keep the fight alive for there belief, not the belief of the citizens of redondo beach.
Tim Sole February 26, 2013 at 03:57 PM
Bob, on the other hand, Jim Light was and still is, the only candidate willing to sit down and have a discussion with me. I will no longer vote for a person, who will not stand up and state their position. I am tired of the go along to get along crap, that we currently have in Redondo and America. Stand up folks, engage the opposition and you will likely find out, that they have the same questions and concerns that you have. Mr. Light and I do not agree on Measure A. We do agree on other issues, we are both man enough to stand for what we believe in. That is why Mr. Light has my vote.
Harry Munns February 26, 2013 at 04:40 PM
Thanks for the kind words Bob. I fully support Jim Light and Bill Brand's rights to try to get fellow residents to support their no growth agenda. I will even admit, they seem to have evolved somewhat from the days when they opposed all development under any circumstances. Now they have decided between them how much and what kind of development the city should have and they're doing their best to get other people to believe in their plans. The city of Redondo Beach does not need more parkland. Stand at the pier and look south. All that sand is public park. Their ideas are built on a number of incorrect assumptions like that one and this city will not move forward until we firmly and thoroughly reject their plans. But even if that happens with Measure A, don't expect them to get the message. Our struggle against their lack of vision will not end there.
Grant Patterson February 26, 2013 at 04:42 PM
Bob, I agree with Tim. I have had many conversations with leaders on both sides. The problem is that the opposition to Jim and Bill are simply opposition to them personally and haven't given a relative argument against their positions. Call me "a loud follower" or "hack" but it is all just name calling. Debate with me on the facts of the situation and you will get more respect. Bob, one of your leaders, Michael Jackson, stopped by my house to ask for my vote. I pressed him on some of the issues we face, not just Measure A. The only thing we could agree on was pot holes, trees and side walks. My 5 year old could manage those issues. We need leaders that will say what they mean and mean what they say and have facts to back them up. I have heard time and again from Aspel, Killroy, Gin and Aust that they don't want a new power plant but they are doing nothing to stop it. Yes, it gets old hearing someone tell you one thing and do something totally different. As much as i don't agree with Diels at least he is openly opposing my stance. He is fighting as hard as he can to get a new power plant. Last night he had a conference call with Redondo residents and the call was full of spin and misleading information. This should not be tolerated from our so called "leaders" in our community. It is time that we take Tim's advise and put people in office like JIm LIght who will tell you his stance on issues and follow through with action.
Grant Patterson February 26, 2013 at 04:55 PM
Harry, There is no growth and there is over development. Measure A is in the middle. Smart development is what we need. So far other than opposition to Measure A I haven't heard you or anyone else opposing Measure A give your vision. So don't say someone is lacking vision when they have put their vision out for everyone to see. As i have said before, my fear of the oppositions lack of defining their vision is that it will lead to 100's if not 1000's of condos and over development. It is just my opinion that we don't need more condos in Redondo. We already have our neighbors calling us "ReCondo" beach. Put you vision for the property out for all to see so we have something to discuss. If you don't have a vision then that is fine, you can continue to argue against our vision, but any 5 year old can do that. Leaders are just that, people that lead. The strongest of the leaders typically have people like you throwing stones from behind. Your arm must be getting tired.
Teresa S February 26, 2013 at 07:46 PM
@Mr. Patterson, you are spot on. The AES funded conference call that Councilman Steve Diels orchestrated was like a loaded gun firing bullets of dishonesty. It was the most disgusting act from an elected official. It is well-known that he took money from AES and his entire tenure on the city council reflected his allegiance to AES. He is now strongly advocating drilling for oil on this land. He spouted off lie after lie on his call last night. I felt sorry for many of the uninformed residents on the call that don't know 'who' the messenger is. He is the least trustworthy official. He is on AES mailers and did you see him reading his script on their TV commercial. Those that follow city council meetings witness his immature and spiteful attacks on Bill Brand on a regular basis. His blood boils that Councilman Brand would not and will not take money from AES. Personally, I think he is jealous because the residents paying attention are fully aware that Councilman Brand and Jim Light are both highly intelligent, happen to be experts on the AES issue due to their professional backgrounds and are both full of 2 things: Facts and Integrity. Councilman Steve Diels (who by the way is running for City Treasure in May- voters pay attention please) is also full of 2 things: himself and hot air. He has no intention of leading the community to greatness & no intention of telling voters truthful information. He is part of the AES dishonesty propaganda. He desperately wants 'A' to fail.
Redondo Moms February 26, 2013 at 09:48 PM
Did you know… NPP.com Received HALF of Their Funding From Outside the City of Redondo Beach? Fact: NPP.com funds did not overwhelmingly come from “hundreds of resident supporters’ as Dawn Esser is blatantly misrepresenting. Fact: Out of 82 donors, contributing $100 or more, 21 of those donors are individuals and/or organizations located OUTSIDE of Redondo Beach. From those 21 donors outside of Redondo Beach, collectively they donated $29,707! HALF of NPP.com’s donations. (Actual Funds Raised in 2012 and 2013 combined is $60,688.) Source: Dawn Esser’s own comments to the February 21, 2013 Easy Reader article. (Another) Fact: Dawn Esser changed her own professional title from her original post. 2/21/13 Dawn Esser, Certified Signing Agent and Notary Public at Travel Notary (NOTE: This is the professional title she originally posted under – She has since given herself a promotion. Congratulations Dawn!) “…NoPowerPlant.com-Yes on Measure A campaign, a PAC that has raised over $80,000 just since June from hundreds of resident supporters…” http://www.easyreadernews.com/65651/measure-a-divide-comes-to-a-head-in-redondo-beach-on-march-5/ Source: Compilation of NPP.com Form 460’s, filing periods, 1/1/12 – 6/30/12, 7/1/12 – 12/31/12, 1/1/13 – 1/19/13, 1/20/13 – 2/16/13 and NPP.com Form 497 filing period 2/19/13
Jim Light February 26, 2013 at 10:45 PM
So Redondo Mom's what are you trying to imply? Do you think there is some outside special interest who benefits financially from supporting the Redondo Moms who formed NPP? There is no denying that hundreds of resident have supported Measure A. BBR has over 200 donors who funded the legal fees associated with drafting the zoning and initiative language. Each of the fundraisers have been weel attended by residents. People who gathered signatures were residents and those walking the streets are by the vast majority residents. This IS a REAL grass roots campaign. No one should be surprised that individuals outside of Redondo are concerned about a new power plant. There are people with boats in the harbor, people who have a view of the power plant, people who have to breath the pollution who do not live in Redondo. Many are upset that they don't get to vote on it, so they are helping how they can. But that hardly means this effort is not well supported by residents. So what ARE you trying to get at ?
Kelly Sarkisian February 26, 2013 at 11:36 PM
So what you are saying is its ok for outsiders to fund measure a, but not to support a candidate? Your friends seem to think that is a problem, I guess you don't agree with your media campaign? Not the first time I have seen hypocrisy from you and your friends! Btw. Bright green shoes are only for fast runners!
Kelly Sarkisian February 26, 2013 at 11:43 PM
Nice job with culling the facts and expressing them here. This once again shows npp's hypocrisy. I wonder how many of those doners have financial reasons for their donations?? I think Fred Readon is hoping to get some solar contracts through his support of the initiave and candidates. It all boils down to money, even with the people claiming to care about the residents. No wonder the lawyers line up behind the npp people, they are laying cold hard cash at their feet. They are also positioning for the next lawsuit that can line their pockets with hundreds of thousands in tax payer money. Light is going to get an honorary certificate from the BAR association for all of his support to lawyers.
Jim Light February 27, 2013 at 12:05 AM
I looked, there was no Kelly Sarkisian who signed in at the CenterCal event. And no one who looked like your facebook picture was there. Why hide behind a fake name? Just put anonymous. But don't try to deceive. You seem to be confusing two issues. If a councilman cannot get donations from his potential constituents, that is telling. If a councilman takes money from a business, organization or union that would benefit from future decisions of that Councilman, people deserve to know that (that's exactly why this stuff has to be publicly available). Donating to Measure A does not bring with it the potential conflict of interest that donating to a person who makes decisions for the town does. Measure A will not make a decision to hire Fred. That is ludicrous. Your attempt to paint that somehow City Attorney Mike Webb will give lawyers some future contract because they supported Measure A is a huge stretch of the imagination. No hypocricsy at all Kelly. Just common sense.
Kelly Sarkisian February 27, 2013 at 12:45 AM
I didnt go to the center cal thing, I was out of town. Just run faster and then you can wear the shoes. Lol. You seem to be confusing the fact that you have barely any support other than a few of the loud pom pom people. Verbal support is great, but verbal support and donations are in my opinion stronger. They put their money where their mouth is. I didnt say measure a would help fred, I said he was hoping to get contracts through his support, its his way of rubbing elbows with the potential decision makers. I wasn't talking about Mike Webb, I was talking about you and your lawyer friends who profit off taxpayer funds. Mike is an honorable man and does his best to protect the city even with people like you trying your best to sink it.
Redondo Moms February 27, 2013 at 01:16 AM
Fact: NPP.com claims, and is leading the public to believe, only Redondo Beach residents were out gathering signatures. WRONG! They paid over $13,000 for those signatures!! Source: NPP.com Form 460, filing period 7/1/12 – 12/31/12, page 25: Will Yeager, 1012 Robertson Blvd., Suite C, Los Angeles, CA 90035, Paid Signature Gatherers - $13,475. Jim Light: "People who gathered signatures were residents and those walking the streets are by the vast majority residents." So you paid Redondo Beach resdents $13,475 to walk??
Kelly Sarkisian February 27, 2013 at 01:44 AM
Paying per signature is unfortunately common in cash based initiatives. Signature gatherers used to volunteer their time to support their cause. If a person averges 200 signatures a day at $2.00 each it really adds up. I guess that explains why they so quickly and fraudulently collected the signatures by misrepresenting he facts. It seems that Measure a folks will use any devious tactic to get what they want. Shameful!
Jim Light February 27, 2013 at 06:31 PM
Now we are quibbling. NPP had over 100 residents donating their free time during the summer to collect signatures. Others donated money to pay signature gatherers because they could not or did not feel comfortable gathering signatures themselves. Paying signature gatherers is a standard practice. They can often cover times when volunteers cannot. If I remember correctly over 2/3rds of the total signatures were by volunteers. The vast majority of signature gatherers were volunteers. And the vast majority of hours was spent by volunteers. By any measure this was a grass roots effort.
Jim Light February 27, 2013 at 06:47 PM
LOL - verbal support only? Hardly. Yes On A volunteers have been walking the streets each and every weekend since the New Year. Between BBR and NPP - we have far, far more donations from local residents than the No on A campaign. Between the legal fees to draft the initiative and the campaign fundraising, we have raised over $100K. AES has spent over $240,000 since Measure A became official (that does not count their newspaper like mailers they sent earlier.) Redondo United had raised about $600 from five named individuals and about $220 in unspecified cash donations. Redondo residents have put both their time and money where their mouths are. To imply otherwise is misleading at best.
kathy mcleod February 27, 2013 at 11:54 PM
The backers and supporters of AES “big money” billboards and mailers have stooped to age-old and dirty campaigning and should be ashamed of themselves. They obviously are worried that the "People" will be heard. Why would I vote for a candidate in my district that stoops so low with a deceitful last minute mailer against his opponent with blatantly false statements? This says a lot about one’s integrity. Who is AES going to recruit next? This is insulting behavior by all who have participated in it. My vote goes to Bill Brand for his dignity. My vote is a “YES” on Measure A for its common sense. James McLeod
David Mallen March 04, 2013 at 04:54 AM
Harry: I have talked to a few of the old-school developers -- the guys who know how things got done between city council and developers in the early days (you know what I am talking about ) If the State kicks AES Redondo Beach off the power grid post-2018 when the AES conditional use permit expires, the old-school developers see Measure A as a minor impediment to doing what they want to do with those 50 acres. All AES needs to do is cut a deal with a developer, get City Council on board, and do the full-court press with the voters. The Council endorses the plan, the voters go along, and AES maximizes land value for shareholders. Its a win-win-win. I'm looking at big-picture interests, not lawsuits or political payback against Brand/Light or Measure A zoning mix. If AES wants more "meat on the bone" for commercial use, they know how to get it and they know most voters will support it. What do you think?
David Mallen March 04, 2013 at 05:00 AM
P.S. Harry, your concept of majority rule no longer applies in the Senate, which now requires 60 votes thanks to the filibuster. Just quibblin'. Haha.


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