Blog: NoPowerPlant.com Starts Signature Drive; More State Reports Show AES Redondo Not Required

Sign the resident initiative to phase out and rezone the power plant today!

It's been a busy week on the front....

NoPowerPlant.com kicked off their petition signature drive for the resident initiative that phases out the Redondo power plant and replaces it with a mix of commercial and public recreational open space zoning. People have been driving to Redondo grocery stores just to sign the petition. They also held a fundraiser at Sophie's last Sunday as well.

Congressman Henry Waxman joined a growing group of elected officials and candidates opposing a new power plant in Redondo.  

"As the author of the 1990 Clean Air Act, I think it is absolutely essential that we do all we can to cut air pollution in the region. There is no question that burning fossil fuels causes significant pollution and health impacts. We need to be shifting to clean energy. I believe we should remove the power plant from Redondo Beach. I encourage AES and California’s regulatory agencies to take this opportunity to permanently retire this facility and  to allow redevelopment of the site.”

Meanwhile state power agencies released more reports showing AES Redondo is not required.  

A CAISO power requirements analysis, dropped their predictions for power needs in the LA Basin. The report again shows that there is sufficient excess generation capacity in the Western LA Basin without AES Redondo and without the San Onofre Nuclear power plant.

According to the CEC overview of new power plant activity:

Currently, 6,350 MW of new power generation is under construction

Another 3,989 MW of new power generation is approved for construction

CEC is currently reviewing applications for 3,439MW of new generation.

Three of the new power plants scheduled to come online next summer are in the LA Basin, and will add over 1,800MW to our part of the grid.

That totals to 13,778MW of new power plant generation in the pipeline right now. The loss of AES Redondo power generation is dwarfed by new generation currently in the pipeline.

While AES claims to be a good neighbor, they released black smoke on Aug. 15 that was captured on video by a King Harbor boater. They also had a steam vent on the morning Aug. 10 for hours that exceeded noise regulations. Likewise, a system on the southwest corner of the AES property produced noise for at aleast 20 minutes that exceeded noise limitations on Thursday afternoon. Of course, our city will do nothing about these. How can we trust AES to live up to noise and pollution restrictions on their new plant and how can we trust our city to enforce those limits?

A new power plant in Redondo is ludicrous. Since our Council refuses to act, the people must. If you're a registered Redondo voter and you've not signed the hardcopy petition now circulating, do it now. Signing the online petition doesn't count. You can find more info at www.nopowerplant.com

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orlando August 20, 2012 at 02:14 AM
Wow - I was out running errands today (Sunday Aug 19) and not 1, not 2, but 3 of the signature gatherers was actively LYING about the existing status of the plant. The line they've apparently been told to say, since they all 3 kept saying it was "AES doesn't even own the land, it's a conditional use permit". My God, nearly every church in the South Bay is in a residential area and has a CUP. I'm going to notify the state attorney general in the morning. This is outright voter fraud, and may invalidate the entire effort.
orlando August 20, 2012 at 02:18 AM
By the way, as the CAISO tells it in their meeting at the City of Redondo, there are 2400-3800 MW needed in the west LA Basin. That means that 2400-3800 of the 3000 MW of AES plants (they're the ONLY plants in the west LA Basin) must be rebuilt. All the power plants in the red herring statement of: "That totals to 13,778MW of new power plant generation in the pipeline right now. The loss of AES Redondo power generation is dwarfed by new generation currently in the pipeline." are just that - red herrings.
Jim Light August 20, 2012 at 02:41 AM
Orlando, Once again you are going off half cocked. NRG El Segundo is also a water cooled plant in the Western LA Basin and it is being rebuilt right now. The application to rebuild Huntington has been submitted by AES. Those two account for over 1.4 GW. You also ignore that not all power plants use ocean water cooling. Sentinel and Walnut Creek will come online next summer along with NRG El Segundo adding 1.8GW of new generation that are not available today. And that is not counting the transmission upgrades that are going on in parallel. The latest report from the CAISO studied our sub-section of the grid, the Western LA basin. There is more than enough generation to get rid of AES Redondo even without San Onofre. Perhaps you missed the actual testimony of the CA ISO rep at the Redondo Beach City Council meeting. He first said we cannot get rid of ALL ocean water cooled power capacity. But when questioned by Brand, he admitted ONE ocean cooled power plant in our area could be permanently retired. With NRG in construction, Alamitos and Huntington critical to power reliability... that leaves Redondo as the logical candidate for retirement. Sorry Orlando, we know how much you love that plant
Jim Light August 20, 2012 at 02:56 AM
Gee Orlando, I've been with a number of the signature gatherers and I've never heard them say it wasn't AES' property. I even helped put together the training and that is not in our training package. We have that training documented. We also gave each signature gatherer a list of the applicable law including that it is illegal to knowingly and intentionally misrepresent the initiative. I sincerely doubt any resident knowingly misrepresented anything in the petition. They're passionate, but they are good people. If you had any questions, the City Attorney's summary which is in bold 12 point font on every signature page of the petition lists the exact parcels in question. Also the initiative itself, which is part of the petition, shows the exact properties affected in several drawings. And in case you hadn't read the current zoning, power generation IS a "conditional use". That demonstrates AES does NOT have the "right" to build a new plant. In fact, Mayor Gin used "conditional use" to deny a mixed use project that conformed with all the zoning requirements, but was not in character with the surrounding neighborhood (Pearl Plaza). So "conditional use" does mean AES has no "right" to build a new plant. Of course, the state licensing, permitting and contracting process further demonstrates it is not a "right". Glad to hear three signature gatherers hit you up... that means they are out in force and passionate about the issue.
orlando August 20, 2012 at 03:57 AM
http://www.caiso.com/Documents/Board-approvedISO2011-2012-TransmissionPlan.pdf, page 221 shows the WEST LA BASIN need. Furthermore, please explain how AQMD Rule 1304 operates in the West LA Basin when AES is holding 100% of the credits for use under the only rule that can build new generation. The short story is, AES builds the generation using their 3000 MW of existing credits for trading to build the 2400-3800 MW listed in the table.
orlando August 20, 2012 at 04:03 AM
Better start asking around to the sig gatherers and see if anyone will fess up, dontcha think? CUPs are common. In fact, St Katherine's Greek Church is built on a CUP. I suppose that means they don't own the land? I suppose that means they can be voted out of existence? Nonsense...pure nonsense. Perhaps we the voters should ban BALD people from Redondo Beach. Hmmm. They're not a legally protected class - hence - no federal protections or state protections. In fact unlike illegal rezoning resulting in TAKING - there's no case law either. Lookin' bleak for your team. Warren Zevon had it right - lawyers guns and money...... how much money will the lawyers take this time? We BLED long and hard last time we tangled with AES, now didn't we? I'm tired of wasting my tax money.
Jim Light August 20, 2012 at 04:43 AM
We have that one posted on our blog. Please look at the 2013 LCR Analysis for the LA Basin, which also looks at the Western LA Basin separately. AES does not hold the credits. They get an exemption for current boilers, two of which they sold from the Huntington Plant to the new Walnut Creek plant that will come on next summer in City of Industry (which is in the Western LA Basin). NRG El Segundo, which is also in our grid area, is using the 1304 exemption from their old boilers. So multiple companies other than AES are using 1304 exemptions. Sentinel which is coming online next summer in the broader LA Basin, bought their credits. So I am not sure what you mean. 1304 doesn't prevent any other plant from being built, it just gives current plants and exemption from paying for pollution credits. But think of it, AES can sell their exempted boilers from the Redondo plant, like they did the one's from Huntington, and make even more money. Sentinel paid about $52M in pollution credits, so these exemptions are VERY valuable. AES gets more money. We get rid of a blighting, polluting eyesore on our waterfront. We have plenty of power. And residents get a park, increased property values and increased business revenues in the harbor. The city gets more revenue from the property values and business taxes. And AES makes even more selling the commercial property. Hmmm, why would we want a power plant?
Jim Light August 20, 2012 at 04:51 AM
If you want to start the initiative to rezone St. Katherine's go ahead. I doubt you'd get the signatures to qualify. PLUS you would have to show the zoning change was in the best health and welfare interest of the community which would also be sketchy. We don't have those problems with AES. The negative impacts of the plant are very well documented. And just try to get bald people banned or blondes, brunettes or redheads for that matter. What a ludicrous comparison. All you are doing with your fear mongering is building the case that AES is not a good neighbor, but we already know that. I'm tired of the blight, pollution and fiscal impacts to the city and community by this power plant. I refuse to be cowered into inaction by a bully threatening a lawsuit to get their own way.
Jim Light August 20, 2012 at 05:04 AM
Orlando, I rereviewed the document you cited. It shows in the worst case we need 2460 MW of OTC (Table 3-3.18 page 236). Let's see Huntington at over 900 MW, Alamitos at over 1,900 MW, and NRG El Segundo at over 500 MW.... that adds up to over 3,300 MW of OTC - Looks like we don't need AES Redondo to make it. And that is without adding in the new Walnut Creek Plant that will come online next year using Huntington Beach exemptions. You also ignore a CA ISO June 22 briefing that concludes Alamitos and Huntington are the best plants to mitigate the most likely potential outages in our section of the grid. NRG El Segundo is being built right now. AES has filed their Huntington Beach application. Alamitos is key to grid reliability. Looks like AES Redondo can go. Too bad...so sad.
Robert Tulloch August 22, 2012 at 02:07 AM
Most of you people in California are insane. The state is awash with liberal detritus. I am so glad I left and moved to the mid-west where REAL people live.
orlando August 27, 2012 at 02:07 AM
Jim - When you don't know what you're talking about, perhaps you should remain silent??? Neither CPV Sentinel nor Walnut are in the CAISO defined "Western LA Basin". Neither counts for any part of the 2400-3800MW. Call the CAISO and check or perhaps read their report? El Segundo is "committed" meaning, it is assumed to be built, and as a result, it does not count toward the 2400-3800MW either. Call the CAISO and check, or perhaps just read their report? That leaves 430MW of AQMD Rule 1304 credits at Huntington Beach (the rest were used to built Walnut), that leaves about 1500MW of AQMD Rule 1304 credits at Redondo, and about 1000MW of AQMD Rule 1304 credits at Alamitos. Of those 3000MW of AES-owned West LA Basis AQMD Rule 1304 air credits, between 2400-3800 need to be rebuilt according to CAISO. Call CAISO or read their report. Since you are averse to facts, I thought I'd lay it out in short sentences. Pick up the phoen and call Berberich and Wallerstein and then stop spewing disinformation.
orlando August 27, 2012 at 02:11 AM
I see yet again there is challenged math here. El Segundo, Walnut and Sentinel don't count in the west LA basin 2400-3800 MW of the ISO base case. As a result, 2400-3800 MW need to be built using the credits from retiring Alamitos, Redondo and Huntington existing units - and - they need to be built in the WEST LA BASIN.
Jim Light August 27, 2012 at 04:30 AM
Wrong again Orlando. Walnut Creek, NRG El Segundo, Alamitos, and Huntington are all in the West LA Basin. That's 400 + 600+ 1900 + 900 = 3800 MW. No AES Redondo needed.


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