Blog: Validation and Vindication

The AES application to repower validates BBR/NoPowerPlant.com projections.

For over a year now, we have been advertising the impacts of the new power plant. AES, several councilmen and others said our numbers were wrong or they didn’t believe them. “Wait for AES’ application,” is what we heard.

Well, we are vindicated. AES’s application shows we were pretty darn close. Here are just two examples.

Air Pollution

AES told us all that their new plant will be cleaner. We said it would run more and therefore pollute more. AES’ application proves us right.

The AES environmental analysis indeed confirms that air pollution will go up substantially from what we experience today. While most new plants have applied at about a 60 percent annual capacity factor, AES was greedy and applied at just under 73 percent capacity factor. At this run rate dangerous particulate matter pollution would increase 1500 percent over what AES reports today. 

But in a letter to the City, AES stated the plant will likely run at between 25 percent and 42 percent annual capacity. Even at the low end, 25 percent, the new plant will spew 500 percent more particulate matter than what is reported today.

AES and our own elected officials touted how clean our air is. The AES report shows that our air does not meet Federal and State standards for particulate pollution. The report shows the new plant makes it worse.

SCORE:  Us – Accurate; AES – misleading


AES’ slick mailer had views from deep in the harbor and from the very tip of pier showing that clumps of palm trees would hide the plant. AES officials stated the new plant would be “hidden from most views.” While their environmental analysis still shows their “convenient” perspectives that hide the plant, several views (included with the article) show that the plant will still dominate our waterfront. But even there, they continue to avoid the most embarrassing and damning views. I have included a picture of the angles AES used for their analysis. Those are the black arrows. I overlaid view perspectives that Redondo residents and visitors see most frequently in yellow arrows. AES neglected to include those views. Nevertheless, AES’ own report confirms they cannot hide the new power plant behind palm trees. I suspect that is why they are now trying to put “lipstick on the pig” surrounding the new plant with a façade that on one side includes the Whaling Wall. 

SCORE: Us – Accurate; AES – misleading

Some of our elected officials used the excuse that they wanted to see AES’ environmental report before they took any position or action. Now, the data is there. The impacts we projected are validated. It is time for them to finally do their job to protect resident quality of life, environment, and the health of our children. 

But, I am not under any delusion that our feckless Council will actually do anything substantive. I am sure they will find other excuses for doing what they do best—nothing. So, once again residents must take matters in their own hands. Our vote is our only power. Measure A is our only chance to stop a new power plant.

Vote “Yes” on Measure A. And vote for elected officials who have strongly committed to oppose the power plant.

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Jim Light December 07, 2012 at 01:53 AM
You fail to point out which facts you think are crap. The "crap" is coming out of AES. Everything we have said about the plant's environmental impacts has been proven factual by AES' own environmental analysis.
Mike2 December 07, 2012 at 05:32 PM
Proven factual by your half truths and innuendo. You, Mr. Light, are the master of pulling a sentence out of a paragraph from of a huge document. The sentence is taken way out of context and you further twist it to prove your point, which is flawed to begin with. Then you spout it enough times your followers believe it to be fact. Redondo is park poor, rezoning property is not a taking, 500 pounds of particulate matter, kids are in danger from power plant, we don't need the electricity, a huge park won't attract gang activity. I could go on and on. Its all a bunch of BS started by your made up half truths! I have to hand it to you. I bet you could find some sentence in some document somewhere and convince your followers we need a 35+ acre regional park because that's where Money Trees like to grow. In less than 30 days Brand will be spouting it from the his council chair, BBR and NPP (which is redundant) minions will be writing about the incredible Trees on Patch and in letters to the editors, then we will see a mailer with kids picking one hundred dollar bills from "Redondo Beach's Beautiful Money Trees" in the idyllic park with not a tent or cooler or piece of trash or gang graffiti to be found. Mr. Light, you can fool some of the people some of the time . . .
Jim Light December 07, 2012 at 07:26 PM
Well Mike2 let's look at the data. AES said the new plant will run cleaner. We said the plant will pollute more. Their own submission to the CEC shows our statement is accurate. It is not one line. It is the actual data submitted in their tables showing the pollution impact. As to the views, the AES' own pictures show what we said is accurate. You can hardly conclude that the new plant is "hidden from most views" as AES officials testified to the city council. Read the recent LA times article on particulate pollution and kids. You will find that little improvements make a big difference. So preventing 17 tons per year of particulates (at the low end) from the new plant is good for the kids. Projects in PV, Playa Del Rey and other locations in California have been funded even in the recession. We will not need funds for the parkland section until 2020. Plenty of time to line up the money. And AES' own run rates with San Onfre down show that our assessments, the statement sof CAISO officials, and independent consultants are true - we don't need the power. That is not one sentence from one report. That is report, after report, after report, public testimoney, and independent evaluation validated against actual as run data. Please Mike, cite a source that shows our data is wrong and let the world see who is cherry picking the sentences that support their position.
L. Campeggi December 07, 2012 at 07:50 PM
Your YES on Measure A vote, March 5, 2013: -phases out the power plant and rezones the property by 2020 -requires tear down of the power plant by 2022 -allows 30-40% commercial and 60-70% recreation/open space -changes land use, NOT ownership - AES keeps their property, with significant economic value Times have changed since 1897. This site is now surrounded by dense residential development, senior housing, schools, hotels, restaurants, offices and a harbor. This is no place for a power plant. If the CPUC decides that AES-Redondo is not needed, the CEC might grant a permit for a new power plant if there is no public opposition. Voting YES on Measure A is critical. If Measure A fails, we get a toxic, polluting, blighting, new power plant here, for 50 years. AES' own data shows a DIRTIER new power plant, increasing particulate matter (PM) pollution 1500% annually, running at 73% capacity. PM is the silent killer. Exposure to PM retards children's lung growth, causes asthma attacks, heart attacks and kills twice as many people yearly as breast cancer. Why would we want this here, from an unnecessary power plant, that produced only 6.18% of its' capacity through September 2012? YES on Measure A provides rezoning that will increase revenues for our city and schools. YES on Measure A sends the right message to the state agencies that make the final decision. YES on Measure A is a vote FOR a healthy and prosperous, revitalized Redondo Beach.
sheri patterson December 08, 2012 at 01:31 AM
Mike2, aka AES, go read the CEC application submitted on Nov 20th and stop embarrassing yourself. The data is all there for anyone to see...AES has been dishonest about their emissions, not just increasing, but skyrocketing. Who calls a new plant "green" to a healthy beach community who's trying to enact positive changes for a healthier way of life in our community and schools, when the truth is-- AES' plant will be much, much, much dirtier. Voters get the wonderful opportunity to decide if they will trust the Elite Chamber Cronies trying to run this town via deceptive mailers and manipulative campaigns, or even worse, a dishonest, out for themselves, billion dollar corporation, ranked one of the 15 worst un-eco friendly corp's in the US.


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