Campaign Donations Should Come From Residents—NOT Special Interests

Bill Brand for City Council - An Ethical Candidate. Bill’s donations come from the residents of District 2. He turns away donations from special interests.

As the treasurer for Bill Brand’s re-election campaign for City Council in Redondo Beach in District 2, I’m responsible for filing all the required financial statements accurately and on time. Bill has raised $8,754 to date, and with the generosity of the locals he represents, expects to reach his goal of $12,000 by election day, March 5.

Other than from some extended family members, Bill’s donations come from the residents of District 2. He turns away donations from special interests like developers, trash companies, consultants, businesses and Harbor leaseholders.  As his treasurer, I cringe but admire at some of the donations he has declined to prevent even a hint of conflict with the residents that elected him.

Not so with his opponent Michael Jackson. He has raised a whopping $17,391 so far, but only $1,550 from District 2 residents. Over 90 percent of Michael Jackson's donations are from outside District 2, like businesses and individuals in Sacramento. Clearly, outside, non-resident interests are funding his campaign.

Only five individuals that actually live in District 2 in Redondo Beach have donated to Michael Jackson’s campaign.

All the candidate records and filings are available for viewing at the City Clerk's office. 

Linda Moffat

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Kelly Sarkisian February 07, 2013 at 07:04 AM
Btw. Have you thought about this being my married name? I may have been married this year. I have till the 25th if I chose to vote in this election under my married name, but thanks for playing! Once again, I have proven you to get stuck on one thing, just like AES. There are alternatives to issues Jim, free your mind!
Jim Light February 07, 2013 at 07:16 AM
Keep trying Kelly. Still not buying it. Quit hiding behind your fake name. And all folks have to do is go to www.jimlightforcouncil.com to see my platform and track record demonstrate I'm much more than a one issue candidate.
Kelly Sarkisian February 07, 2013 at 07:21 AM
Wow. Even simple plausible solutions bypass you. Your way or the highway! You have my name! Yes, your "10" year track record of suing the city, threatening lawsuits, getting stuck on one issue while missing the rest and generally being an obstructionist! Got it, ten year record!
L. Campeggi February 07, 2013 at 07:32 AM
One of the more common tactics of those who can't provide a good refutation of an argument is to divert attention away from the argument by calling attention to something about the person who made the argument. The ad hominem is attractive to lazy thinkers, who would rather ridicule or belittle a person than seriously examine an opposing viewpoint. Kelly Sarkisian is not a Redondo Beach registered voter.
Jim Light February 07, 2013 at 07:35 AM
No one's buying it or your smear. It is just too obvious. I stand by my record and invite voters to review it. If stopping 3000 condos in the harbor area is obstructionist, then I wear that title proudly. That zoning was bad for our City. Thousands agreed with me. Hundreds of condos on Torrance would have been bad too. Most of our votes on the Citizen's Growth Management and Traffic Committee were unanimous. So I was not obstructionist there. I don't think Fred Brunning of CenterCal considers my participation "obstructionist" to date (didn't see you there by the way, not surprised). You continue to go off on suing the city yet you continue to leave out the City violated the City Charter. The Council is not above the Charter. Suing them for violating it was the right thing to do. They tried to illegally disenfranchise their voters and they got called on it. Shame on them, not me.


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