John Bullock, Redondo Beach Police Department Volunteer, Dies

John Bullock, a resident of Redondo Beach, was a 15-year veteran of the police department's Volunteers in Policing program.

John Bullock. Photo courtesy Redondo Beach Police Department.
John Bullock. Photo courtesy Redondo Beach Police Department.

John Bullock, a longtime member of the Redondo Beach Police Department's Volunteers in Policing program, died Friday at his home in Redondo Beach after an 18-year battle with cancer and other illnesses.

According to RBPD Chief Joe Leonardi, Bullock had been a member of the VIP program for the past 15 years, often working Mondays with patrol partner and VIP Ken McWaid.

"Unknown to us, John was fighting cancer for over 15 years and never missed his days," Leonardi told the Redondo Beach City Council at Tuesday's regular council meeting. The chief noted that Bullock did it all as a volunteer. "I think that's the most beyond admirable."

Bullock was apparently in pain most days while he was at work, yet he worked every week until about two weeks prior to his death, when he felt he did not have the strength to work, Leonardi said.

"The word heroic is often times overused, but I don't think it's inappropriate using that word for someone who put so much into the community," Councilman Matt Kilroy said after Leonardi's remarks.

According to the chief, Bullock had a "very interesting past."

"He was a door gunner in Vietnam," Leonardi said. "He came back (and) he worked as a stuntman in the movie industry. They're telling me he was a double for Sam Elliott."

Bullock's specialty as a stuntman was car crashes.

Plans for a memorial service have not been announced; however, the city council plans to adjourn a future meeting in Bullock's memory.


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