Double murder in Redondo Beach

Vicky Bergman
Vicky Bergman

An open letter to Los Angeles District Attorney, Jackie Lacy;

RE: Chacon murder trial case number ya083691.

Dear Ms. Lacy,

What do you have to do in order to be charged with the death penalty in Los Angeles? 

What if it was your own mother who was stabbed in the face 5 times and in the head 6 times, had her throat slit, and you found her, lifeless, eyes open, laying in a pool of her own splattered blood?  What if then, you turned around, and found your own daughter, beaten from head to toe, her throat brutally slit an inch deep,  face down in a pool of her own blood, as well.  Would you want the death penalty for the person who did this if it was your loved one? 

On February 28, 2012, this is the scene of carnage that Chacon left, after beating his 19- year old girlfriend, Courtney Bergman, from head to toe and slitting her throat, as if she were a slaughtered animal.  He then slashed and stabbed her 60 year old mother Vicky, 25 times from head to toe, while this defenseless woman tried to stop the knife.  He finished her off by slitting her throat, as well.   

 I must say that I am shocked and so are all of those that I have relayed this story of human suffering to.  That you would even consider not seeking the death penalty in this case seems ludicrous to us all.  Nearly two years have passed since Chacon committed this horrific slaughter of two innocent women, a mother and her daughter.  

I would like to know your reason for a two year delay in determining whether you should seek the death penalty. The evidence of this man’s crime is formidable, compelling, and powerful.  This butcher committed a heinous crime and fled immediately to Mexico.  After two years waiting without bond, he has been found guilty of all five counts by the Judge at the preliminary hearing.  The DNA evidence is virtually a 100% match.  There is no justification for any sentence less than the death penalty for this personal and monstrous attack on two peaceful ladies, and no reason for a plea deal unless, as it was communicated to me by one of your staff, “It would just be easier on everyone”.  It would be easier on who?  Not us!  We cannot understand your reasoning for not demanding capital punishment charges for Chicon.  The dead have no chance to appeal their ruthless and vicious execution by a callous and violent Chicon.  The state has the right and a moral duty to apply the death penalty to this guilty assassin.   Please do not let this crime skirt the judicial system because some activist groups believe a guilty criminal should get lifetime room and board at the expense of taxpayers.  This man does not deserve a higher moral fate than his two defenseless victims. 

Ms. Lacy, It is well known that you personally don’t agree with the death penalty, however, you took an oath to enforce the laws of the state of California to the fullest extent, not to the extent you wish to extend them.  You must consider the emotional torture of the friends and family of the victims here.  Vicki and Courtney’s deaths were lengthy, painful, and performed in the cruelest and pitiless manner by this man.  We hope that you will consider our heartfelt plea. It is the state’s duty and moral imperative to charge this man with capital punishment.  There is no justice for this type of heinous crime, when the perpetrator can plead out and be back among us in 15 years.  This man is known to admire serial killers and sports tattoos of death, the grim reaper and restitution across his chest and down his arms.  He is driven by vengeance and a desire to inflict pain.  This man is a dangerous enemy to society.  Do not fall prey to activists who have not experienced the real danger of a malicious killer.  Their nuanced argument that the death penalty is cruel, are based in lofty ideals and assumptions of justice, rather than the loss of good human beings who were slaughtered like animals.  Do you want to know that he might end up near one of your loved ones in 15 years? 

Friends and loved ones of Vicky and Courtney Bergman,

Murdered, February 28, 2012.

South Bay Resident February 18, 2014 at 10:07 AM
In the case of someone who cannot be reformed...and I do not generally support the death penalty myself...I would say nothing less would be right than to follow through and erase Chicon from this plane of existence. Perhaps the Friends and Loved ones of these two innocent murder victims would rest easier if this murderer were sent on his way into the Astral Plane. He can ruminate over the life he led here, there. And like they said, save us taxpayers the $30,000 to $100,000 per year that it cost to maintain a vicious murderer's life. I normally do not like the idea of the Death Penalty because there ARE people who have gone to their deaths that were innocent, and then there are those who have gone to their deaths who were mentally incapable of knowing what crime they actually committed. But conscious, self-aware, sentient human beings who purposefully commit heinous crimes such as pre-meditated murder really should be sent on their way back to the Astral Plane where they can think about their crimes between lives, so that they can prepare for their next incarnation and hopefully plan to be a better human being in the next life. This Chicon doesn't sound like he cares about anyone anyway. Why waste the money keeping him alive only to possibly be released in fifteen years to go out and do it all over again?
Ross Clark February 18, 2014 at 04:38 PM
I beg to differ on costs involved .. I myself would prefer life imprisonment to let this person suffer for many years ... Also in CA. It takes about 20 years to execute someone The death penalty is much more expensive than life without parole because the Constitution requires a long and complex judicial process for capital cases. This process is needed in order to ensure that innocent men and woman are not executed for crimes they did not commit, and even with these protections the risk of executing an innocent person can not be completely eliminated. If the death penalty was replaced with a sentence of Life Without the Possibility of Parole*, which costs millions less and also ensures that the public is protected while eliminating the risk of an irreversible mistake, the money saved could be spent on programs that actually improve the communities in which we live. The millions of dollars in savings could be spent on: education, roads, police officers and public safety programs, after-school programs, drug and alcohol treatment, child abuse prevention programs, mental health services, and services for crime victims and their families. *More than 3500 men and women have received this sentence in California since 1978 and NOT ONE has been released, except those few individuals who were able to prove their innocence. California could save $1 billion over five years by replacing the death penalty with permanent imprisonment. California taxpayers pay $90,000 more per death row prisoner each year than on prisoners in regular confinement.
David Herrmann February 18, 2014 at 05:39 PM
I was the next door neighbor of these two during this time. Having seen the carnage first hand and dealing with the immediate fear of this being so close to my home I feel for you guys. I too hope this monster is put to justice once and for all.
Just Tim February 18, 2014 at 09:42 PM
A free society, need to state and affirm what cannot be tolerated. In cases of murder, where an individual kills another person, not in defense of oneself or ones family, but just to end another's life. A free society needs to stand fast and deliver justice. If a jury of an individuals peers has made such a determination, then a free society needs to deliver that justice in a timely and efficient manner. Require an appeal by law, upon completion of that appeal, deliver that justice. The process of appeal, should by law, be required to be completed within 18 months from the time of the original conviction. 18 months gives any person or organization enough time to check the facts and correct any mistakes that may have been made.
orlando February 23, 2014 at 12:45 PM
I agree, no need for a plea. Of course in this left leaning liberal state, no need for a death penalty either.


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