Heck Yeah, Hudson House!

High on beer, low on snob.

I’ve been staying away from the , mostly because it looks too nice for the likes of me. It looks like a place one would go to after having a hard day working at a law firm … like, with a tie on and stuff. It doesn’t look like the kind of place that I can ride my bike over to after a long day of sitting in a , thinking about things that make me giggle in the Redondo Beach area.

Every time I happen by it, I end up thinking, Man, I bet they have really expensive beers from countries that I’ve never heard of. I live in constant fear of being out-snobbed by someone. I don’t have an enormous knowledge of the finer things in life*, and let’s face it, I just didn’t want to look like I suck. That would be a long, cold, beerless, bike ride home.

I walked in the bar and was struck by the fact that it wasn’t a bunch of people in ties swirling ornate glasses of beer. The bar setup was a sort of open seating space with booths, raised seating, and bar seating. I spent a couple of minutes trying to figure out where the, “I’m drinking alone, got a problem with that?” section was. I ended up at a booth and my waitress delivered me a menu. I couldn’t find the beer section (in order to confirm my suspicions) so I asked the waitress. She looked at me blankly and turned the menu over.

So. Many. Beers.

You know that scene in Pulp Fiction where they open the case, and they just see this gold glow? Yeah, that happened to me. Because not only did they seem to have every beer ever, BUT they were all very reasonably priced. I ordered a beer from the Czech Republic, because I’ve heard of the country.

So basically, Hudson House is completely worth checking out. Their food also looked really good. I fully plan on going back and eating there. The Happy Hour (before 7 p.m.) is apparently pretty packed so, get there early.

* Any time someone asks me something about beer, I just say, “Well, it’s pretty hoppy. There are a lot of hops.” Then I nod my head vigorously, as if nodding will convince them that I know what “hops” are… is… are.


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