Letter: If AES Is Gone, Where Will We Get Power?

Kathryn Wright asks from where Redondo Beach Unified School District will get power if AES Redondo Beach is retired.

If Redondo Beach Unified School District opposes the retrofitting and improvements done by AES to their power plant, then where will the power to run the lights by which the students and faculty need to run their educational "plants"? There is a wonderfully redone Redondo Union High School fitted out beautifully with a lot power needs. And then there is housing and so on and more high-density population than when I grew up in the 1950s and the 1960s, when smog was an actual problem in the whole Los Angeles Basin.

Do people treat students who graduated in those classes as mental deficients due to the clinical psychologists in the region? Is another dog park a need based on common sense or based on psychologists and psychology?

I am reading of the dreamers who desire to fix the whole waterfront to something more "fetching." I have seen through the years so many "renditions" of the waterfront and piers in Redondo Beach, it makes my head spin. If the "dreamers" desire to make changes—and I mean huge changes—let them make them after Mother Nature takes her next turn at making the Harbor a big mess. Don't use money that I understand the taxpayers already are trying to pay in property taxes, bond issues and even from "foundations," etc.

I love the improvements on the Esplanade. The Redondo Beach/Torrance coastline and beaches are among the most beautiful in the world currently, so "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Kathryn M. Wright
Redondo Beach Property Owner
Graduate Aviation High School 1964

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Jim Light December 18, 2012 at 08:28 PM
Kathryn, If we relied on AES Redondo for our power now, our homes would be dark most of the time. The Redondo plant doesn't even connect to our local lines. Since 2004 the plant has run at about 5% of capacity. With San Onofre out and our biggest heat wave in years, AES Redondo ran at 6.18% of capacity. We have two new power plants coming online next year in El Segundo and City of Industry adding even more power to our part of the grid. An August CAISO study adjusted the power demand of our section of the grid DOWN by 1000MW. The same study shows AES Huntington and Alamitos are critical... But AES Redondo is not. CAISO studies show we don't need power from AEs Redondo through 2021... As far as they predict. So if we don't build a new plant we will continue to get power from the grid, where we always have. AES' own analysis shows our air doesn't meet Federal and State standards for particulate pollution. They show the new plant will make it worse. You also ignore the negative impacts on property values, business revenues and city revenues. We don't need the power. It will have negative economic, health and environmental impacts... Opposing the new plant is the right thing to do.
Alexander Starr December 18, 2012 at 09:44 PM
Don’t we need the power from the AES power plant? ANSWER: NO! According to a 2008 report released by the California Energy Commission. http://aesredondomustgo.blog.com/power-plant-faqs/
Kevin Segal December 19, 2012 at 04:12 AM
No Power Plant has to do a better job at educating the public with the facts. Poor Kathryn is under the delusion that the power plant in Redondo actually has a purpose, when in reality it doesn't. And if AES has their way, they'll turn the inactive power plant into an atrocious pollution source that'll scar the coastline and its inhabitants for decades.
Jim Light December 19, 2012 at 04:35 AM
NoPowerPlant.com has done a lot to educate residents. It is time residents who do understand the issues get out and educate their less informed neighbors. AES and their Chamber mouthpieces will always have more money than NPP for their propaganda. The only way we can beat them is if residents take action and enlist their neighbors, family and friends. It's not up to NPP. It's up to all of us.
Kelly Sarkisian December 19, 2012 at 07:05 AM
I just took a quick look at the npp website. It seems to me the biggest reason y'all want the plant gone is related to the health of the residents. I saw that the rezoning can't go through without that requirement. With that said, wouldn't the best plan to only get the plant shut down? The rezoning of the plant is in effect a grab at private property. The npp people are doing nothing more but hiding their true intentions to grab the land without proper justification. If this initiative wasn't about a land grab, it would shut down the plant and no more. The mere fact that the initiative requires the plant to be torn down within a time period shows that. The mixed use of the land in the initiative also shows the true land grabbing intent. You need to be reminded, it's their property! I understand the public health part, but the initiative is a land grab. I hope if the plant does go away that AES leaves it standing as a reminder of the heavy handed, devious people that shut it down. The initiative will reduce the land value for future sale. Maybe AES will let it crumble for the next 50 years. Please don't bother replying, I've heard more than enough from all of you!
Fred Reardon December 19, 2012 at 09:23 AM
The only people I know that say say "y'all" are cigarette company execs, confederates, and AES employees. The rezoning of the plant site is not a land grab. After Measure A passes, AES maintains ownership of the land. AES can do whatever they want with the land that conforms with the zoning. AES will no longer be able to pollute Redondo Beach resident's lungs and they can't use the land for an aquatic life desalination killing machine. The proposed new AES plant represents an "Air Grab." AES has this sense of entitlement to pollute our air. AES is the only entity attempting to take property...in this case our clean air and replace it with toxic particulate matter filled polluted air.
Fred Reardon December 19, 2012 at 09:33 AM
The zoning change (Vote Yes on Measure A) is the only method RB residents possess to send the California Energy Commission a strong message that residents don't want a new power plant and all its additional pollution. Many of us would be pleased if AES simply shut down and stopped polluting our families. It would be cool to see that old toxic plant sitting there as a monument, representing an end of an era of misplaced power generation in the middle of a densely populated area without enough buffer to protect those around it from the toxic fallout. However, regulations require AES to clean up the site after the polluting operation stops burning fossil fuels to create electricity. Therefore, power plant cheerleaders attempt to portray this as a land grab is false. The argument is propaganda or at best ignorant.
Fred Reardon December 19, 2012 at 09:38 AM
It would have been cool if AES worked with the citizens of RB, towards a land use, without a power plant, which could make them a lot of money. They chose to be greedy and continue stealing our clean air. So, we did it for them. When Measure A passes, AES can still make a bunch of cash selling the property or developing 30% of the property with commercial and 10% with institutional which should be easy with a nice park & recreation area next to it. Measure A represents the best alternative residents could develop to fight a pollution based company that is dead set on polluting our air for years. Kelly Sarkisian, you and AES need to be reminded...the air is our property. Stop trying to grab it. Vote Yes on Measure A.
Jim Light December 19, 2012 at 02:38 PM
Kelly, First, you cannot do an initiative that says "shut down the power plant". Initiatives must make or change law. The City does not have the authority to simply say stop the power plant. It does have the authority to change zoning based on health and welfare of the community. That is what Measure A does. Second, we also care about the other environmental and economic impacts of the plant that are well documented by city studies. Third, the initiative does not "grab" AES' property. Measure A allows AES to keep their property and do with it whatever they want that conforms with the zoning. It gives AES the same density of commercial development that is in the current harbor zoning. Measure A is very fair and flexible with AES. Kelly seems to ignore that the CURRENT power plant zoning allows the city to set aside an unspecified amount of land as a park. It also makes a power plant a "contingent use".... Not a "permitted" use. Measure A is no more a land grab than Measure G was. The Chamber and City supported Measure G two years ago. If AES leaves their current plant, they lose property value. And in 2023, the City and Federal government can take action against them to tear it down or pay the bill for tearing it down. Their stockholders will not want this liability. They will want to get positive cash flow from the property by keeping it and getting revenue, or selling it as soon as possible.
Jim Light December 19, 2012 at 02:59 PM
If you have any question whether the pollution from AES impacts resident health, read this new study recently released from Harvard School for Public Health: http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/news/press-releases/2012-releases/air-pollution-improve-life-expectancy-us.html
Nicole Mooradian (Editor) December 19, 2012 at 06:55 PM
Hey! I say "y'all" sometimes. It comes from spending four years in college in Virginia, but I am certainly not a confederate. :)
Mike Walker December 19, 2012 at 11:10 PM
they have plenty of energy, in fact CAISO uses a 15% surplus requirement while the rest of the country uses 7%. They are currently building out hundreds of thousands of acres of our public lands for windfarms and solar farms, the Coachella Valley just got a brand new gas power plant, there is plenty of energy available. So why would AES make the proposal? The answer is, because they will get guaranteed profits for the life of the project. In CA if you get a CEC / CPUC approved project you are set, you don't even have to use it!
Kelly Sarkisian December 19, 2012 at 11:27 PM
Fred, I thought I was AES because of my use of y'all? Nicole explained that away! Your other comments are down right offensive and foolish. They are indicative of the froth you and your group spew. It's a land grab plain and simple. The people will see through it. The measure is your way of trying to get around private property rights. If it can happen to a big corporation with millions to spend on defense, I can't wait till you guys set your sights on a regular citizen because their property doesn't conform to your ideas. The measure is not the best alternative. The measure forces a property owner to do what you want with their property. If the plant is gone, they should be able to do what ever they want to do with it. You have no right to determine that! If you would stand back for a minute, take a break from personally attacking me, you might have noticed that I am all for shutting down the plant. I agree it's not good for the community, but how dare you think that you can determine what AES can do with THEIR property. By the way, I'm not affiliated with AES, big tobacco,or the confederacy, I'm just a citizen that doesn't like the way you guys are going about things. The way you guys jump on every person that has a different opinion is appalling. I guess it's your way or the highway! Thanks for nothing. See you at the polls!
Jim Light December 20, 2012 at 12:47 AM
Kelly, it seems you do not understand property rights. The City has the right to control what we do with our property. They do it all the time. In 1992 the City downzoned most multi-unit residential properties and rezoned many commercial and industrial properties to multi-unit residential. Ruxton Lane went from industrial businesses to over 200 condos. The Catalina Coffee Company cannot expand because it is now zoned residential. So the City changes and limits zoning all the time. Just two years ago, Steve Aspel voted against and Mayor Gin vetoed a development called Pearl Plaza that conformed with all zoning requirements for the property. Why? Because they were out of character with the surrounding neighborhood. AES has no right to blight the harbor area, pollute our air, or impact surrounding business revenues. So the City and therefore the residents have every right to prevent a new, unneeded power plant on that site. If we did not set other zoning for the site, current zoning would essentially only allow a park. The current zoning for the AES property prohibits commercial or residential uses. Measure A allows AES the same commercial density as the harbor. If the CEC does not approve AES' application, Measure A gives AES more value for their land. You don't seem to understand how zoning works. If, as you say, you agree we should not allow a new plant, then Measure A gives AES more uses and value for their land.
Kelly Sarkisian December 20, 2012 at 05:39 PM
Jim, did you notice my last post was not to you? I hope your platform has more than one issue. It seems as of now that you are a one issue candidate in a city that has lots going on.
Jim Light December 20, 2012 at 10:06 PM
I did notice that you addressed someone else, but you had inaccuracies in your statements that bore correcting. As to the one issue snipe - see www.jimlightforcouncil.com to see my platform. I am one of the few candidates who have actually posted their platform for all to see. If you have followed Redondo Beach politics for the last 10 years, you would already know that I have stood up for residents on many matters well beyond AES. But the AES site and harbor revitalization are the two biggest activities going on right now that will impact Redondo for generations to come. So they do warrant special attention. If we let a new power plant be built, we will be stuck with its pollution and blight until 2070 and we put at risk the 100's of millions of investment going into our waterfront for revitalization.
Fred Reardon December 21, 2012 at 08:42 AM
Patch editor living with the Clansmen? Say it isn't so? I have a bunch of family in VA and they are only on the wrong side of the issues most of the time. I don't mean to demonize all southerners however, anyone reading some of these ridiculous pro power plant rants must wonder if many of them are secretly coming from AES? Especially, when you can recognize VA colloquialisms. It's frustrating but necessary to again and again refute the the tired old inaccuracies of the pro power plant bunch. If you don't want your family exposed to this unnecessary and dangerous toxic plume generated particulate matter, you had better speak up. The RB Patch has been fantastic. The Patch has allowed us all, on both sides of the issue, to express our concerns. We are fortunate to have The Patch forum and luckily, we have a legal democratic vote coming up which will provide RB citizens the benefit of sending a clear message to the CA Energy Commission. I am confident people will see through all these silly arguments related to poor old AES and vote Yes on Measure A. Keep up the good work "Patch!"
sheri patterson December 28, 2012 at 04:51 AM
Kelly, Jim has A LOT great ideas to save our city money, increase revenues and help Redondo lose its reputation of being the 'step child' of the South Bay. Have you read any of his posts and absorbed the info? Better yet, have you researched the data he puts forth so you can confirm its accuracy? I have. He is 100% correct and he has the credentials professionally to back his expertise. I'm sure he'd be happy to speak to you one on one if you truly care about the future of our community. Redondo is sorely lacking in bright visionaries. Jim Light by far, exceeds in this category.
South Bay Resident December 29, 2012 at 07:35 PM
As much as I too want the AES Power Plant gone...(I have two kids who live down wind of that plant including me and my wife, and as most of us do. And one of my kids is still attending Redondo Union High School...breathing the SMOG coming from that AES plant...WHEN it's running). If you are going to say that AES employees use the word: "Y'all" (it IS a compound word, isn't it? uh...like the word: isn't), then you need not insult ALL AES employees....you only need insult the CEO's, SFO's their lawyers and of course their lobbiests...i.e. propangandists. But please don't pick on the working people below the line. The thing that sucks (get it? Sucks) is that my family and I live directly downwind of that plant, and yet, we cannot vote on getting rid of it...because we are in Torrance. But my daughter lives every other week at her mom's house in Redondo and her older brother lives there full time. They, like we, and all of you...are breathing that SMOG. What bothers me is how ignorant Kelly and many other local residents are about this issue. Most of those who argue FOR the AES plant to be rebuilt are clearly NOT interested in educating themselves about the real issues regarding the plant in the first place. Those people would prefer to increase the pollution levels and poison their children's, their grand children's and their own bodies for decades to come.


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