Letter: Julian Stern Too Young to Represent District 4

Julian Stern, a candidate for District 4 of the Redondo Beach City Council, is too young to represent his community, writes Justin Lee.

The political ambitions of Julian Stern are great, and his intelligence level, I am sure, is very high. But he is too young to be holding office even at the local level. Anyone at that age should not hold office unless it is for the high school prom committee or as a student representative for the school board. His mentality may be at the level of a politician's, but his ability to make decisions on behalf of his constituents may be overshadowed by his own personal opinions.

I know this because I worked with him to coordinate some political events when the 2008 elections were a big thing at our middle school.

Most young adults and teenagers are very one-sided when it comes down to politics and do not listen to or even ignore all sides of the argument except their own. This happens all the time when students get mad at the school's administration for enforcing rules that they think were newly created, when in fact, those rules just the haven't been enforced for years.

His interpretation of some of the things that may pass through the council may be different from that of the rest of the community because he is so young, but that does not equal clear insight or logic.

I am an aspiring politico as well, but I choose to leave the decision making to the real politicians who have experience and insight on the issues whether local or national. To see someone close to my age running for public office thinking that he knows what his community wants is like saying the unpaid intern should be on the board of the company because he knows what is best for it.

Stern will do great things for this world, but for now, he should be focusing on his own life before focusing on the lives of others.

Justin Lee
Redondo Beach

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Alexander Starr December 14, 2012 at 07:45 PM
What a ridiculous letter. Attacking a kid! At least he comes with no baggage and has not been corrupted by special interests, as are most of our politicians, locally or nationally. Just for that, if I could, I would vote for him.
L. Campeggi December 14, 2012 at 09:21 PM
Amen to that Alexander Starr! When change needs to be made, it's not often that the stalwart, old guard in leadership roles react with, "Goodie, can't wait to mess with the status quo," especially in Redondo Beach! And then there's the matter of intelligence - our elected officials aren't experts in every matter before them, either! Some don't even understand the experts we pay to help them! Young adults are generally more open-minded, more willing to see all sides to issues, not staunchly entrenched in personal beliefs, which is why we elect people to office; to represent the constituency. Who better to do that than one with a positive, intelligent, inquisitive, forward-thinking, open mind? I've never met Julian Stern, and don't know if he fits into this generality. But if so, he might be a welcome breath of fresh air on our city council, indeed. For Mr. Lee to write as if this young man would lack clear insight or logic is ridiculous. All Mr. Lee need do is tune into a city council meeting and witness a lack of clarity on issues from some of our elected officials now! Mr. Lee says he wants to leave the real decisions to the real politicians? Uh, Mr. Lee, the mayor and city council aren't full time jobs in our city! All of them (except one who's retired) work other jobs. One could argue that many matters before them place them in a "state of intern" as well; they're not experts on "all things Redondo," either. Good for Julian! You go, young man!
Ahab B December 17, 2012 at 03:36 AM
I too know julian stern and have worked with him and know that he is not the teenager you describe. Why generalize based on his age? you're younger than him! you're being pretty one-sided yourself. Where's your open mind? "Stern will do great things for this world." why should he wait? it's better to start now. "Most young adults and teenagers are very one-sided when it comes down to politics and do not listen to or even ignore all sides of the argument except their own." This is an awful argument, considering it's not exclusive to teenagers. Adults do that too. It seems to me you really don't know him. My advice is before you make assumptions and spread your mean-spirited, jealous message, get to know where he stands on the issues.
Eric Coleman February 15, 2013 at 05:40 AM
I know Julian, Mr. Lee, and I can promise you that man has more talent in his pinky than you can ever hope to have in your entire body, at any age. You are a sad pathetic little man Mr. Lee and I suggest you keep your letters directed to the Mickey Mouse Club from now on.
BirneyAVAdams February 24, 2013 at 03:04 PM
Julian will not be running the city alone and if he does end up in a leadership role it's a statement about the strength & maturity & abilities of the candidates we elected NOT Julian. He is a thoughtful and insightful person who carefully and respectfully approaches issues with determination to COLLABORTE. I think concesus-building and patience and determination are excellent skills we need desperately NOW to watch dog the old guards bickering & antagonism. We have been mired in the waterfront & pier logjam for far too long to tie up another huge, gorgeous property for our lifetime. We need people able to fix these urgent issues that are not unduly influenced by past grudges. Julian is running for office because he is inspired & passionate. I encourage you to find your political niche & go for it too--perhaps a referral from Julian based on your prior positive results! sounds like julian has MORE poltical experience than we might realize, debating with RBUSD as an eleven through fourteen year old is WONDERFUL practice. I think I'll ask him for help if I need it at middle school with my kids. Thanks for the insight!
K Elias March 08, 2013 at 12:03 AM
As a Redondo Resident for 44 years I completely disagree with Justin's article. You see Justin the facts are while he is young he is not tainted by politics like Steve Diehls and others who have previously ran. Get the facts if you dig deep enough and find out all the dirt you would find that maybe what this district really needs is a person that truly cares enough about our district and not someone who supported by special interests because of Fire/Police dept. union interersts just someone who really care's about the North Side of Redondo Beach and knows what does go on in this area, and not someone who tries to half heartedly does something from sitting up in Golden Hills area. So Cal Mom
Bruce Szeles March 08, 2013 at 01:05 AM
Well said my friend. My best to you and your family!
Robert Keane March 08, 2013 at 01:19 AM
Hey Leslie....He was a staunch No on Measure A guy...What do you think now?
L. Campeggi March 08, 2013 at 03:23 AM
@ Robert Keane - I think the same thing. Like I said, I made a generalization about people being more open-minded in their youth. Because Julian was staunchly opposed to Measure A doesn't make me change my mind. I don't know about you, Robert, but I tend to gravitate toward candidates based more on their integrity, ability to work with others, transparency, and guts to state a firm position, regardless of whether or not I agree. It's all about character, honesty, teamwork, leadership and vision. My only reservation with one so young is life experience; managing a household, its' budget, a job, parenting, etc.


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