Letter: Pro-AES Chamber Flier Misleading

Don Vangeloff says the Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce's opposition to Measure A is misguided.

Did you receive that crazy flier last week from the Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce? All you need to know about the Chamber’s intentions is the phrase “Funded by donations from AES Redondo Beach” in the upper-left corner.

Yup, your chamber is putting its name and AES dollars to support a new power plant that will pump five times more particulate matter pollution into our ocean-breeze air for the next 50 years (equivalent to at least 240,000 more cars on the road) while tanking any chance at really revitalizing our Harbor to the spectacular showpiece it can be. Take a deep breath now, while you still can.

I know a few of the people signing that flier—they’re friends of mine—and we differ politically on this local issue. That’s fine. But I feel bad for the weakness of their arguments. Measure A, which they oppose, is a legal zoning change designed to prevent AES from building a new power plant on our waterfront, because our City Council refuses to do so. Better zoning doesn’t cost taxpayers millions; poor building projects do. 

The Chamber says they represent small business in this misguided flyer.  However, when claiming there is “more to sea” in Redondo, the Chamber displays a colossal lack of vision on how small business (and city revenues) will greatly benefit from a revitalized waterfront with 50 acres of balanced commercial development and beautiful public open space instead of a new polluting power plant with soccer fields next door. Vote Yes on Measure A.  Grow Redondo’s future, even if our Chamber won’t.

Thank you,

Don Vangeloff
Redondo Beach

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Fred Reardon December 14, 2012 at 07:55 AM
Hey, "The Truth Be Told" (AKA AES), No, AES does not a own the most important piece of property at stake...the air we breathe! We own the air, not AES. The Mayor and the rest of the pro new power plant cheerleaders are so concerned about AES's property rights? Redondo citizens see through this polluted smoke screen. The Mayor spoke out against/voted against Pearl Plaza, in South Redondo, saying it was not supported by the citizens of Redondo Beach, even though the project complied with the zoning? What about the Pearl Plaza property owner's property rights? What a hypocrite. Where are our public officials now? Doing everything possible to ensure we are subjected to sucking down tons of additional toxic particulate matter?
Fred Reardon December 14, 2012 at 07:56 AM
I can't believe our own elected officials are signing our death sentence by writing an argument against Measure A? One councilman, who signed the argument against measure A, flew to Virginia and met with AES behind closed doors. I wonder what was discussed? Hmmm...what he gets when he runs for Mayor? I can see it now, if Measure A gets defeated, these pro power plant polluters, will be trying to ram rod desalination on the AES site and claiming the need for increased power plant run rates to support the aquatic life "desalination" killing machine. The whole scheme is so transparent. Fight pollution. Fight for your families health and safety. Don't be intimidated by the threat of a Bully's unfounded lawsuit. Don't cower like our public officials. Vote YES on measure A.
Fred Reardon December 14, 2012 at 08:21 AM
Hey "The Truth Be Told" (AKA AES), Where are you? Some AES cubical in the VA headquarters? "Do your homework on this one people." "This things already cost you people..." I can hear your Virginia Twang loud and clear. Go pollute somewheres else.
Jim Light December 14, 2012 at 01:32 PM
The CEC has only overridden zoning 5 x out of over 130 cases. When the city changes zoning, the CEC must show that the power at this specific site is essential if they choose to override the zoning. That will be difficult in this case as Two brand new power plants come online next summer in El Segundo and City of Industry. If AES' application is denied they have nothing to sue about. Measure A gives their land more value than the current zoning and it allows them to complete their current contract. It gives them the same commercial density as is in the harbor. AES may sue, but they will lose. I agree, AES has the same property rights we all do. We cannot pollute our neighbors air and we could not make noise 24x7. The city downzoned most of Redondo in 1992. That included converting indstrial and commercial uses to residential uses. Ruxton Lane was industrial businesses and is now condos.. It was legal and no lawsuits. In 1994 city staff recommended rezoning to phase out the power plant. The fear mongering of a lawsuit is no reason to roll over and let our waterfront be polluted and blighted through 2070.
L. Campeggi December 14, 2012 at 04:37 PM
Choosing the name "TheTruthBeTold" won't make falsehoods true. Here's an interesting quote: "The initiative process is the law of the land, and citizens have the right to avail themselves of it. Initiatives do not need to comply with the California Environmental Quality Act or have to consider the negative impacts the change would cause. Initiatives are exempt from complying with Charter Amendment XXVII (Measure DD) of Redondo Beach that would otherwise require traffic studies to be done. This makes zoning changes much cheaper for citizens to accomplish than for city government. A major zoning change could cost the city $400,000." ~ ~ Matt Kilroy, May 17, 2012, Letter to the Editor, The Beach Reporter Even Councilmember Kilroy seems to know that the people have the right to petition their own government. Here's a solid fact: BBR led a successful lawsuit by a citizens group in 2010 to force Redondo to obey their own Charter and put Measure G on the ballot. 4 judges ruled in their favor. Had the City simply upheld the City Charter, there would have been no basis for a lawsuit. The City cost the taxpayers $500,000 because they were found in violation of the law. Fact: Property rights do not allow property owners to dictate land use. There are some residents, elected officials, and an out of state corporation with financial conflicts of interest who have no problem misleading Redondo Beach to get what they want.


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