Claim Forms Now Available for Power Surge Damages

Those affected by a December power surge can now get a copy of the police report from the Redondo Beach Police Department.

Redondo Beach residents affected by a power surge in late November can now become part of the official police report by filling out a form at the Redondo Beach Police Department headquarters at 401 Diamond St. in South Redondo Beach.

Affected parties who submit an itemized list of damages at the police department will become part of the police report and also receive a copy of the report for insurance claim purposes, according to Redondo Beach police records manager Jackie Bernal.

The city said it will only charge $1.50 for a copy of the report.

Bernal also said that those who wish to fill out a form should bring information such as make, model and serial numbers of damaged property, if available.

The power surge, which Southern California Edison said was caused when a vehicle struck the tensioning line of a power pole, damaged appliances and electronics for many residents in the area near Inglewood Avenue and 182nd Street on Nov. 25.

According to Redondo Beach police chief Joe Leonardi, by law, only affected parties to a traffic accident are entitled to a copy of the police report. Because damages to electronics occurred from the power surge—not the collision itself—police had to consult with the city attorney to figure out whether affected homeowners could become part of the police report.

Leonardi said the police department got the go-ahead from the city attorney in early December to include residents affected by the power surge as parties to the accident.

"In order for people to get a copy of the report, they are going to have to become part of the report," Leonardi explained to Patch in December. "So that means they are going to have to provide their name, address, phone number—the normal information we would collect from a property owner ... They are going to have to list the property damage they say has occurred."


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