Thieves Targeting SUV Third-Row Seats in Redondo Again

Here are some tips to protect your vehicle.

You can secure your third-row SUV seat with cable bike locks. Photo courtesy Newport Beach Police Department.
You can secure your third-row SUV seat with cable bike locks. Photo courtesy Newport Beach Police Department.
EDITOR'S NOTE: The problem of SUV third-row seat thefts has been an issue in the past as well. From the Redondo Beach Police Department:

There have been a number of vehicle burglaries and thefts of third row/rear seats from large, SUVs in Redondo Beach.

Crime Details:

  • The crimes have been occurring in the late night/early morning hours;
  • The vehicles are typically located on the street or in a driveway;
  • Entry into vehicles has been made through the rear door/hatchback area;
  • Items being stolen include the third/rear seat of the vehicles.

Tips to secure your vehicle:

  • Park in a well-lit area;
  • If parking on the street park as close to your home as possible;
  • Be sure to lock all doors and take belongings with you;
  • Engrave your driver's license number on your property/rear seat;
  • Report any suspicious people in the area, especially those who appear to be watching the neighborhood;
  • Pass along information to neighbors.

For more information please contact Officer Michael Diehr of the Community Based Policing Unit, (310) 379-2477 x2493.

South Bay Resident July 15, 2014 at 01:35 PM
They're stealing third row seats? Weird. I hate thieves. It's bad enough we have so many of them on Wall Street and in Washington...but when small-minded plebs steal from their neighbors, that's low. You can also booby-trap your vehicles interior as well. Or at least install hidden video cameras. That's becoming more and more popular nowadays. I just saw dash cams on a website I belong to that are selling dash cams from between $89.00 to $124.00. Those are good prices. Do a search on the web...I highly recommend it.


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