Officer in Dorner Manhunt Shooting Won't Face Charges

The District Attorney's Office declines to prosecute Torrance police Officer Brian McGee in connection with a mistaken identity shooting during the manhunt for Christopher Dorner.

The scene after a Feb. 7 incident where Torrance police officers shot at a Redondo Beach resident, allegedly believing he was Christopher Dorner. Photo credit Nicole Mooradian.
The scene after a Feb. 7 incident where Torrance police officers shot at a Redondo Beach resident, allegedly believing he was Christopher Dorner. Photo credit Nicole Mooradian.

A Torrance police officer who opened fire on a pickup truck during the manhunt for former Los Angeles police Officer Christopher Dorner was justified in his actions and will not face any criminal charges, the District Attorney's Office announced Tuesday.

Prosecutors concluded that Officer Brian McGee "did not commit any criminal misconduct" on Feb. 7 of last year when he rammed David Perdue's truck with a patrol car, then fired three shots through the driver's side window.

The incident occurred at the border of Torrance and Redondo Beach near the intersection of Flagler Lane and Beryl Street.

According to a charge evaluation worksheet prepared by Deputy District Attorney Geoffrey Rendon, McGee acted reasonably in light of the ongoing search for Dorner, who had killed two people at that point and went on to kill two others—a Riverside police officer and San Bernardino County sheriff's deputy.

"McGee's actions are analyzed based on the totality of circumstances, which include McGee's knowledge of Dorner's previous threats and actions in the days and hours preceding these events, which gave rise to an atmosphere of fear and extreme anticipation," Rendon wrote. "Those circumstances created a situation in which a reasonable mistake of fact, namely that Dorner was driving the truck, nearly resulted in a horrific tragedy.

"Nonetheless, given the circumstances, as detailed above, we conclude that Officer McGee was justified in using force to stop the vehicle and in discharging his firearm. Therefore, prosecution in this matter is declined and this office will take no further action."

Perdue has filed a federal lawsuit against the city and the officers over the shooting.

Although he was not struck by gunfire, he contends in his lawsuit that he suffered a concussion when his truck's airbag opened and that he has lingering physical and emotional problems.

"He now moves slowly and unsteadily," his lawsuit states. "His speech is altered. He has problems with his memory. He has nightmares."

Dorner, whose rampage was sparked by his dismissal from the LAPD, was found dead in the burned out remains of a Big Bear cabin after a shootout with law enforcement on Feb. 12. His death culminated a nearly week-long manhunt.

—City News Service.


Terri Thaxton- Teramura January 15, 2014 at 01:32 AM
Not surprised, but VERY disappointed! DA's love cops, so they never want to prosecute them! Our world is corrupt!!
Jack Cates January 16, 2014 at 11:17 PM
@Terri, there is nothing corrupt about this. There was no criminal intent on the officer's part. In addition, given the totality of the facts involved in this case, the actions were not unreasonable. Responding to a large number of shots being fired in the area, TPD not knowing that LAPD officers were in the area and were shooting at a vehicle or knowing why, and seeing a truck fleeing the area at a high rate of speed in the wake of the killings Dorner had already committed.....all of it combined for this unfortunate incident. If you had been the one who was tasked with responding to such a situation, you may not feel the way you do. But there is nothing corrupt with this decision, it is purely based on the law.


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