3 File to Run for City Treasurer

Former Councilman Chris Cagle, Councilman Steve Diels and activist Dawn Esser aim to be Redondo Beach's next city treasurer.

Three people have thrown their hat into the ring for the Redondo Beach city treasurer race, according to City Clerk Eleanor Manzano.

Former Councilman Chris Cagle, Councilman Steve Diels and activist Dawn Esser have filed papers to run, Manzano said. The election will be held May 14—the same date as a potential runoff election from the March 5 municipal election.

Because there are four candidates for mayor and District 1 councilman, city officials say it's likely that no candidate in at least one of the races will capture 50 percent of the vote plus one to win the seat outright.

If no candidate for city treasurer captures 50 percent of the vote plus one on May 14, the runoff election would take place during the summer, Manzano said.

The city treasurer position comes with an annual salary of $116,950; a cellphone; a car allowance; health insurance; and a pension.

All three candidates have been involved in local politics. Cagle represented District 2 from 2003 until he was termed out in 2009; Diels is finishing up his second and final term as District 4 councilman; and Esser is a leader of the NoPowerPlant.com political action committee, which spearheaded the campaign to get Measure A—also known as the Power Plant Phase-Out Initiative—on the March ballot.

The city treasurer position opened when former City Treasurer Ernie O'Dell retired in December. Because he had more than two years left on his term, the city charter dictated that an election must be held to find his replacement.

In the meantime, Tom Gaian has been appointed acting city treasurer.

David Mallen March 23, 2013 at 01:10 AM
Mr. Diels: The City Treasurer is required by City Charter to invest funds according to State law; provided that City council may adopt investment guidelines by resolution. Easy to say you can maximize revenues and minimize expenses, but sounds like a lot of hot air without details. (Yawn). You don't deserve anyone's vote.
Grant Patterson March 25, 2013 at 09:23 PM
DR, You would be better to vote for someone based on their knowledge and experience instead of where they stand on the power plant. Dawn's experience in finance is deeper than both other candidates combined. It isn't even an argument. Would you rather have a person that owns a call center, a mortgage broker or a finance expert to take care of your money? Why would you go to a heart specialist to have a tooth pulled? Doesn't make any since. I encourage everyone to research the options and vote for the most qualified.
DR March 26, 2013 at 12:10 AM
I am not basing my opinion on her views of the power plant. I'm basing it on her lack of doing simple research of the facts before making false accusations. What makes me think that she'll do the hard research necessary to make important decisions. I reiterate, "I WILL NOT be voting for Dawn Esser".
David Mallen March 26, 2013 at 06:10 AM
DR: What is Steve Diels saying about reforming the City Treasurer position?
Kelly Sarkisian March 26, 2013 at 07:40 AM
I like the comment about when measure a passes! Ha!


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