Anti-Power Plant Initiative to Appear on March Ballot

Residents will have the chance to vote on the Power Plant Phase-Out Initiative in March, which would rezone the land under AES Redondo Beach on Harbor Drive.

With a unanimous vote, the Redondo Beach City Council decided to direct the city clerk to prepare a resolution to put the Power Plant Phase-Out Initiative on the March 3 municipal election ballot.

The council had postponed the vote by several weeks to give City Attorney Mike Webb a chance to examine the legalities of putting the initiative on the ballot without requiring an in-depth environmental analysis.

The initiative, if passed, would rezone AES' property on Harbor Drive for up to 40 percent commercial and institutional use; the rest would be parkland. Power generation would not be allowed after 2020.

The current AES contract expires in 2018. In the meantime, AES Southland officials say they're preparing to file an application to repower—rebuild—the Redondo Beach plant. Supporters of a new plant contend that the rebuilt plant would run quieter, cleaner and more efficiently, as well as provide needed flexibility for times when power can't be generated from wind or solar.

Opponents say the new plant will continue to depress property values and pollute more.

At the last council meeting where the initiative was on the agenda, AES Southland President strongly implied the company would sue the city of Redondo Beach if the council decided not to have an environmental impact study performed. Tuesday night, Pendergraft indicated that the company would not sue the city for putting the measure on the March ballot.

"With all due respect to the city attorney, we actually still firmly believe that Measure DD was meant to apply to all major changes in allowable land use," Pendergraft said. Nevertheless, "we will support that decision (to place the measure on the ballot). We are strongly opposed to the proposition; we think it's very bad ... but we think this issue should be resolved as soon as possible."

sheri patterson November 07, 2012 at 04:32 AM
The initiative legally qualified for the March ballot so the RB City Council did the right thing to adhere to election law and put the issue before the voters of Redondo Beach. I have to say though...Councilman Diels' effort to make sure that *he* floated the motion to put this on the March ballot is so transparent. Guess he's feeling some of the pressure from residents who know he took campaign contributions from AES and has been AES' puppet ever since. If he thinks residents will be fooled by this stunt, he is mistaken. His unethical ways will once again be visible for all to witness during this upcoming powerplant campaign. Just wait. 3 short weeks ago at the council meeting, he displayed his lack of class and spite for councilman Brand again by accusing him in a public forum of lying--- 100% completely unfounded and so unbecoming of an elected official. His desperate attempts to favor AES 3 weeks ago while attacking honest residents shows the absence of character this man has. Transparent flip flop or not, he did not try to disenfranchise voters tonight, which is a good thing.
Vincent Tipaldo November 07, 2012 at 05:33 AM
HOORAY to the City Council for moving forward to putting the initiative on the March ballot! Thank you for respecting the process...
L. Campeggi November 07, 2012 at 10:16 AM
Eric Pendergraft's arrogance seemingly knows no boundaries. The AES-Southland president had the impudence to once again reinterpret the intent of Measure DD, which is now Article XXVII of the City Charter. His conceit is surpassed only by his stupidity, as one of the authors of Measure DD is District 2 Council Member, Bill Brand, who corrects Pendergraft's "poetic license" every time Pendergraft utters the same absurdity. To add insult to injury, Pendergraft stated that AES supports putting the rezoning initiative on the ballot to ... drum roll please ... "put this distraction behind us." Yes folks, that's right. This pompous cretin named Eric Pendergraft of AES, labelled the 7,468 Redondo Beach registered voters who don't want a power plant here, and ALL of us in Redondo Beach who want to vote on the matter, a "distraction." That's what we are to Pendergraft and the greedy, polluting bully known as AES - a "distraction" from their ultimate goal: increase dangerous particulate matter pollution in Redondo Beach via a new power plant, and take their profits back to their corporate headquarters in Virginia. Council Member Diels stepped into the spotlight to make the motion to put the initiative on the March 2013 ballot. Oh sure, he's known all along that NoPowerPlant.com has followed the law and election code, that the initiative is legal, and that thousands in Redondo want the power plant gone. So, take that a step further Mr. Diels - support the initiative.
Melanie L Cohen November 07, 2012 at 03:35 PM
Congratulations to the No Power Plant team. Now the residents of RB need to vote and make a beautiful park and a new Harbor Center with shops, and appropriate harbor businesses a reality. And yes, the PUBLIC will be invited to give their input on WHAT WILL happen. Just as they have ALL the way through the initiative process. After all, this is for the GOOD of all RB and its successive generations-- T
Donna November 08, 2012 at 12:13 AM
Hurray for the voters, but we need to keep an eye on Diels. No doubt he has ulterior motives for cooperating.


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