Bike Plan Gears Up With New Director

The South Bay Bicycle Coalition has hired a director to work with local communities on their plans.

The South Bay Bicycle Coalition has hired a director to take its master plan to the next level.

Mike Don will be working closely with the seven cities—Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Torrance, Lawndale, Gardena and El Segundo—that approved the plan last year, according to SBBC Vice President Jim Hannon. He is expected to start June 1.

"We expect Mike to take us into next phase," Hannon said. "His primary goal is to work with each one of the seven cities on their plan."

The Master Plan calls for adding 214 more bike routes in the South Bay, Hannon said. In Redondo Beach, that means adding a total of 36.7 miles of bikeways at a cost of $1,881,250. Approximately 27.4 miles will be added in Manhattan Beach for $1,089,350, while 8.3 miles are planned for Hermosa Beach for $256,850. The Redondo Beach City Council last October, and Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach approved them shortly after.

Don will be working to identify new opportunities for bike lanes that align with existing road repair plans.

"For example, if a community is going to resoil a road or repave a road, then it's a perfectly economical time to lay down new bike lanes," Hannon said. "And it's very inexpensive."

In addition, the new director will also be working to apply for grants and obtain money from other avenues, particularly for the more expensive projects like those in Redondo Beach that require more paving and concrete.

Hannon said that right now, Don's position will average about 30 hours per week. 

John Hopkins May 22, 2012 at 08:35 PM
Will part of the new plan include having bicycles actually stop at stop signs? If these folks want some respect it might be really nice to see them show some!
T. Cole May 24, 2012 at 04:27 PM
Most experienced, trained bicyclists are very cautious approaching and entering a stop-signed intersection. If approached at a relatively slow speed, it is possible to ascertain whether a complete stop is appropriate. Riders blasting through an intersection with abandon should be cited by the PD, and most likely would be, if observed by a law enforcement officer.
Duke Noor May 24, 2012 at 05:35 PM
As an eyewitness for many years driving on Hermosa Avenue in HB, a very small percentage of bike riders stop at stops signs. I would estimate maybe 5% in my opinion. And on Sundays, they travel in groups through town for their weekend workouts, which are great for them, but only 0% stop at the stop signs and signals, which one day will be a disaster when someone gets killed. HBPD needs more enforcement, but they don't don't have the funding. Sad. In all the years that I have witnessed this, I have only seen one citation issued and they were filming that stop for the TV show "Cops" !!!


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