City Council Fires Redondo Beach City Manager

Bill Workman has come under fire from many employee groups, which cast an overwhelming "no-confidence" vote in him last year.

Redondo Beach City Manager Bill Workman. Photo credit: Ed Pilolla.
Redondo Beach City Manager Bill Workman. Photo credit: Ed Pilolla.
Claiming they want to go in a "new direction," Redondo Beach City Council members gave City Manager the boot at Tuesday night's City Council meeting.

After emerging from closed session, the following statement was read:

Bill Workman has served the city of Redondo Beach as city manager since 2004. The city has benefited from his efforts and successful results, including being ranked number one for governance and financial management by the Los Angeles County Grand Jury. The City Council’s vision for the city is now taking it in a new direction, leading to a decision to transition the chief administrative officer helm of the City to another qualified individual. In order to do so, the council has unanimously, with Councilman Stephen Sammarco absent, elected to terminate Bill’s employment agreement without cause. The council thanks Bill for his years of service, and wishes him the very best as he pursues new private sector business opportunities. 

Workman had come under fire from various city employee groups, who claim he has not been honest in contract negotiations. In December, the council decided to discuss the grievances in closed session

The employees had earlier cast a vote of "no confidence" in Workman. 

Mike Syi April 10, 2014 at 10:40 AM
Bill is a smart man that got on the wrong side of politics. I wish him all the best where he ends up.
Henry Xavier April 10, 2014 at 12:45 PM
I think Bill Workman has been asset to R.B. helping cut costs so R.B. can make money for our city. Unions are not the solution just a problem with inside contractual greed. I hate seeing sur charges or 5 guys watching one guy pushing a shovel. Unions are not for the people but for them selves. As a union worker once said the company is all good till you miss your first "union due". Where do all the union monies go to? Las Vegas and all the hotels… But yes the president of the U.S. can subsidize the unions in weary times. ( just my opinion.) good job Workman… I appreciate you for sticking up for us who live here and are tax payers in R.B.
Robert Keane April 12, 2014 at 11:36 AM
I wonder how happy everyone is going to be when they find out how much the city council is going to pay Workman to leave. Every year Workman was here, his severance package kept getting bigger and no one said anything...except the employee associations. Just before the last election, the council voted to extend his contract even though he already had two years left on the current one. Steve Aspel, Matt Kilroy and Pat Aust all voted Yes. The employee associations went to council and asked them to hold off on the vote until after the election and the new members took their seats. They refused. Now that Workman has been fired "without cause" they are going to give their buddy a lucrative backdoor payout. It's time we hold these councilmen responsible for what they do. Remember that it's Aspel, Kilroy and Aust who got us here.
Robert Keane April 12, 2014 at 12:08 PM
Henry. I respect your opinion and I understand where it comes from, but the employee associations in the City are not really unions. A union's greatest power is the ability to strike. City employee associations don't have that power. The only reason Redondo Beach came through the recession is on the backs of the City Employees. They voluntarily cut their pay 6% in 2007. They have continued this pay cut ever since, without any kind of increases at all. HOW IS THAT BEING SELFISH? Even though the recession is over and the city brings in more and more money each year, the employees continue to take pay cuts. During this same period the city bought leases on the pier, stashed millions of dollars in a vehicle replacement fund that won't ever get spent and put a million in an account to build a building that is never going to be built. Our Police Department has always been paid about the average of other cities in the South Bay, but was first in the level of service provided. It is now dead last and cannot recruit quality applicants. It's ranks have been slashed and every week there is another story of a burglary or robbery. Do any of you want to live in a town that has the lowest paid cops? Cops that couldn't get a job anywhere else but came to Redondo Beach because the city was so hard up, they hired them. The best and finest are already starting to leave because they just can't afford to work here any more. Every other city is paying better. Henry, you may not like like unions and may not like Police and Fire but they are here to help. They see the underside of this city day in and day out and really know what the problems are. I fear that all the years that Workman was here has devastated this city and things are going to get far worse before they get any better.


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