Updated: Daily Breeze Endorses Measure A

The Daily Breeze has announced its endorsements for the Redondo Beach municipal elections on March 5.

Editor's note: This story was originally published Tuesday. It has since been updated with the Daily Breeze endorsement of Measure A.

Redondo Beach residents should vote yes on Measure A come March 5, the Daily Breeze editorial board opined Tuesday evening.

"Supporters are right that this is a rare opportunity for the city to reshape the waterfront," the editorial board wrote. "Residents should make their voices heard and vote yes on Measure A."

In related news, the newspaper announced Monday evening that two of the three candidates aiming to represent Redondo Beach City Council District 2 are the most well-qualified candidates to serve on city council.

The Breeze is endorsing businessman Michael Jackson for District 2, District 2 Councilman Bill Brand for re-election, Councilman Steve Aspel for mayor and Public Works commissioner Jeff Ginsburg for District 1. The newspaper did not endorse a candidate for City Council District 4.

Jackson's focus on public safety, improved park maintenance and local business is "the type of nuts and bolts thinking that's needed in Redondo Beach," according to the editorial board, while "Brand should be re-elected but we'd like to see him expand his platform."

The Breeze's editorial board called Aspel a "good-natured realist with pragmatic ideas that will  move the city forward."

"While (current Mayor Mike Gin is) genuinely well-liked, the city of Redondo Beach needs a force like Aspel to see projects through," according to the editorial board.

Gin and Aspel are termed-out of the mayoral and District 1 council seats, respectively.

Ginsburg, whose focus will be on quality-of-life issues and local business, has more experience than the other three candidates running for the District 1 seat, according to the Breeze.

Per editorial policy, Redondo Beach Patch will not be endorsing any candidates.

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Melanie L Cohen February 26, 2013 at 08:10 PM
The Daily Breeze continues its tradition of underreporting and editorializing of issues and choosing candidates is no different. While crime is actually down in RB, Jackson, scares people with his "law and order" nonsense, and continues to accuse his opponent, Bill Brand , of suing the city which he never did. Aspel- good natured??? Aah, how soon we forget-- when he commented that me and the members of Building a Better Redondo were worse than the pollups in his posterior. Its Aspel and Diehls who are termed out. And as Jeff Ginsburg has been telling Dist 1 residents ashe backs Measure A. Which is not the truth. Jim Light is so author of Measure A and thats who represents District 1 in my estimation. Taking big business and big labors side is why I no longer read the Daily Breeze.
Melanie L Cohen February 26, 2013 at 08:11 PM
Correction: Jim Light is co- author of Measure A
Teresa S February 26, 2013 at 08:27 PM
How can you possibly even print this unless you want to embarrass the Daily Breeze showing how ill-informed their reporters are? They are endorsing not one but 2 candidates in District 2-- do they realize this? And then they completely leave out District 4's race for an open council seat. Did a 10 year old write this article? This is a joke--lol. This is exactly why residents don't subscribe to their newspaper. C'mon Daily Breeze, you can do better. Do not look to our papers or local organizations to help you get facts and makes decisions. And they forgot to remind voters that Jeff Ginsburg is fully endorsed by the Chamber, many of the developers and special interests-- the "Good Old Boys Club" that has been ruining this town with selfish pursuits and fat pocketbooks--all at the expense of Redondo's quality of life. Everyone I know that has done their homework and doesn't want more condos and worse traffic in District 1 is voting for Jim Light. But honestly, any candidate is better than the same old Chamber sponsored implants fighting to promote their agenda, rather good quality of life & safety for the residents. Name one time the Chamber of Commerce in Redondo was on the side of the residents when it came to BIG DEVELOPMENT. You can't. They've sided with special interest every time. Just like now with the AES power plant issue. AES is their largest sponsor! Again, fantastic reporting by the D. Breeze! Ha. Way to do your homework.
Nicole Mooradian (Editor) February 26, 2013 at 08:37 PM
Hi Teresa, I've been planning to print the endorsements from the local papers for quite awhile. If/when the Beach Reporter and the Easy Reader announce their endorsements (I haven't seen any articles about it, so if I've missed one, please let me know!), I'll also report on their endorsements. I'm also curious to see if any of the newspapers will be taking a position on Measure A.
Tom Ezelle February 26, 2013 at 10:40 PM
The power plant resides in District 2 and if Jim Light wants to represent his own district then he should not be crusading on the one issue. Our council members are supposed to work on behalf of their constituents rather than run for office to bully across what they want done throughout the city.
Jim Light February 26, 2013 at 10:51 PM
If you read my platorm and my track record its much, much more than one issue. You can see both at www.jimlightforcouncil.com. But Councilmen have to look beyond their district for the city to function. All vote on all items regardless of district. It is ridiculous to ignore something that will impact revenues on our waterfront for the next 50 years. The revenues in the harbor and anywhere in the city affect us all.
Tom Ezelle February 26, 2013 at 11:37 PM
There is no doubt that as a councilmember one needs to do their due diligence on issues that are important to the city. However, what you have done is gone gallivanting on a personal crusade that is similar to all of the slow growth, or rather no growth, work that has defined your role in Redondo. You are a one trick pony Mr. Light as your entire track record, taken from your website is centered on your work in opposition to ANY development in Redondo. You simply do not care enough about issues such as public safety, education, etc. to have earned my vote next Tuesday. If you really want to help the city maybe you should consider applying for the Planning Commission this October when Mr. Benning's time expires.
Jim Light February 26, 2013 at 11:46 PM
Tom, I applied for planning commission multiple times. But you only get picked if they know you will vote yes to nearly any development. I served on the Mayor's Growth Management and Traffic Committee for over a year with stakeholders from all sides. We came to concesus on about 90% of our decisions. You seem to forget Measure A allows 440,000 sq ft of development. That is actually very generous and hardly "no growth". I am an advocate of balance in our zoning. The pendulum has swung toward developers for too many years. That is why Measure DD won. Not because I somehow hypnotized 15000 residents.... but because people were tired of overdevelopment and being ignored by the Council and wanted a REAL say. Had you been around at the Harbor Visioning, I was always for a solution with some development to balance the costs of openspace, but the process forced us to pick one of two visions. I was also for the Shade Hotel as that project balanced public views and opens spaces to create a unique, quality development rather than overdevelopment.
Tom Ezelle February 26, 2013 at 11:56 PM
Yet you can not deny that you are focused much too heavily on one issue for a potential Councilmember. I personally do not care what causes you choose to take up, that is entirely your right to campaign and work for what you believe is best for the city. However, if I feel that, because of your focus on one issue, it causes other issues to be neglected then I, as a voting citizen, have a right to cast my vote for another candidate who I believe is more well rounded and will represent District 1 in a manner that is more beneficial to its residents.
Jim Light February 27, 2013 at 12:27 AM
Tom, In the past few weeks I have participated in meetings related to Prospect and Catalina road diets. Harbor Drive reconfiguration. Sequestration and its impacts to the South Bay. CenterCal plans for the waterfront. All while working my campaign AND the Measure A campaign. These activities were too important to miss. BBR has donated to the fund to finish the mosaics on the Esplanade. I participated in meetings related to Knob Hill and Pearl Plaza development plans. I was vocal in the Torrance Blvd condo zoning debacle. I did traffic analyses for a variety of development plans all around Redondo. I did inventory of our beach storm sewer outfalls discovering several that were not documented at the state level. I supported water quality testing off our beaches. I have done volunteer research dives on the impacts, effectiveness and durability of giant offshore sandbags. I have supported local parade activities. And all that is in addition to the Measure DD campaign activities and activity related to the Mayor's Citizens' Growth Management and Traffic Committee. Far, far more than a one issue candidate. I am genuinely driven and dedicated to making Redondo even better than it is today. It seems perhaps you are the myopic one.
Walt Howells February 27, 2013 at 04:35 AM
Daily Breeze, I've been taking your newspaper for most of my adult life, in fact I delivered it when I was a kid doing afternoon deliveries. Your writer must be a moron, that's right a moron! Your editor should be fired for allowing this current dribble to be printed in the editoral section. The only thing I can come up with is that the status quo doesn't want the apple cart tipped over or even moved. I am going to cancel my subscription in one week unless I read a full apology to the residence of Redondo Beach & the entire South Bay. No mention of Measure A, nothing in Distriict 4, two endorsements for District 2 and not even a mention of Jim Light in District 1. With this type of reporting no wonder why the electronis media is kicking newsprint agency's butts.
Grant Patterson February 27, 2013 at 05:29 AM
Nicole, you now have your story, the Daily Breeze just endorsed Measure A. Finally a news organization sees throught the smoke and mirrors (and money) that the opposition has been putting up. Not an end all be all but definately a great statement about the legitamacy of measure A. YES ON A!!!! Redo our water front. Watch out Manhattan Beach, this will put Redondo on the map. 1st class water front in a 1st class city.
Kelly Sarkisian February 27, 2013 at 05:45 AM
You mean the smoke and mirrors (and money) that npp paid people to fraudulently obtain the signatures to get measure a on the ballot? Nice try!
Diana G February 27, 2013 at 10:05 PM
Tom Ezelle, you are entitled to your opinion. However, the BEST candidate for District ONE without a doubt is Mr. LIGHT. He IS an informed candidate on multiple issues that affect RB. Residents understand that a MAJOR issue is the power plant of all the issues and as so, Mr. Light has beautifully been working on that! Furthermore, he possesses the education, work experience, leadership, worked on issues that affected RB, and shares the view for a better Redondo, not the one that is OVER DEVELOPED. By far, Mr. Light and Brand ARE "more well rounded" than the alternative. Mr. Light HAS EARNED my vote and YES on "A".
Grant Patterson February 28, 2013 at 12:32 AM
Kelly, Fraudulently? You of all people want to call something Fraudulent? LOLOLOLOLOLOL. That is funny Steve, I mean Joe, I mean Sue, I mean Kelly? O well Whoever, thanks for the laugh.
sheri patterson February 28, 2013 at 01:08 AM
Walt, rumor has it they've been going through a lot of change. I think the reporter must be new to have accidentally left out District 4 and to have endorsed 2 candidates in District 2. They got half the equation right by endorsing Bill Brand in District 2 but missed the strongest candidate in 1-- Jim Light. They did eventually come out supporting A, which is a no-brainer. I give them big kudos for that. We certainly do not need the incoming Chairman of the Chamber (M. Jackson) representing the businesses on the city council too. Residents deserve our share of fair representation, since it is "we the people" who vote. The largest development projects in the city are right here in our neighborhood. AES and the city have plans to develop the '38 acres' next to AES' new plant and this is the most obvious indication that traffic will be out of control on PCH as their plan will include dense condos. Heck, Steve Diels wants to drill for oil! This dev plan is twice the size of that allowed in Measure A. Can you imagine Jackson having to decide if he votes to protect the Chamber/special interests or if he votes to represent the people?? Just follow the money. As a former lobbyist he's already revealing what is in store for us. Only a small fraction of his campaign money has been raised by RB residents-- why is that? Why does he have large contributions from Sacramento? When a city is as dense as we are, slow /well planned growth is the only option. Jim Light is right.
sheri patterson February 28, 2013 at 01:29 AM
Kelly, "fraudulent". You sound bitter that the LA Co Registrar's Office validated far more signatures than the residents' group needed to qualify 'A' for the ballot. See here is the problem, it's people like you and Steve Diels that are enraged that we succeeded in giving the people a vote. Suppressing the will of the people is a dangerous place. That is exactly why District 2 isn't foolish enough to give up the honest representation we have in Bill Brand. But I know...smart, talented guys like Brand that oooze character and integrity irritate you. A little birdie told me that 'Kelly Sarkisian' is possibly Steve Diels. Ya know, the elected offcial protecting AES and that took money from AES. The guy who thinks RB residents are silly enough to put him in control of our taxpayer dollars for City Treasurer. I wonder how residents would feel about that if they can prove it and expose it...an elected official posting nasty and personal attacks under a fake profile. Very sad.
mark schoennagel February 28, 2013 at 02:36 AM
Why is it that Jim is the only person running for office or is in office who is posting on these forums? One of the most important city discussions in decades and not a peep from those against A. Kick these dead-beats out office, they obviously dont care a lick about Redondo. If they did care they would be posting their views in what is a very lively discussion here on the patch. As for Kelly, you would think by now it would have made up another alter-ego since no one here believes Kelly Sarkisian's name is on its drivers license. Lando has a good ring, Lando Sarkisian, kinda sounds like that dude in Star Wars. Im sure lando@AES.com is available, email your IT department and ask.
mark schoennagel February 28, 2013 at 02:39 AM
Wow really Kelly, now its fraudulent signatures? I've walked to streets door to door, I know what goes on in the conversation. There was no smoke, no mirrors, and certainly no money. My time and everyone else working for Measure A is doing it for the good of our community. The only fraud in your comment is your name.
John Mirassou February 28, 2013 at 10:11 PM
Daily Breeze endorsement of A is a joke. "Someone will step up and pay for a park." Hey, maybe the tooth fairy or Santa Clause will pay for the park or maybe someone will find some magic beans. The great park in Orange County has cost the City of Irvine over $200 million and not a shovel has touched the ground. But according to Measure A supporters a 35 acre park "won't cost the residents a dime." Okay, I got ya' now. It won't cost "a" dime it will cost $200 million in dimes. Vote No On A!
David Mallen March 01, 2013 at 04:24 PM
John, love the humor! I am still waiting to meet you in person for a beer after March 5, and it is only fair that the first round is on you, because you get paid all that money by AES for posting your jokes and potshots and -- here comes the punchline ....you don't even have to READ MEASURE A ....ha ha....you can make stuff up, while I the rest of us Schmo's are taking time out of our work day and money out of our pocket to post well-researched facts and law (and occasionally a few jokes) and stand up for our neighbors' right to make an INFORMED decision. READ MEASURE A, IGNORE MIRASSOU AND MAILERS, THEN VOTE HOW YOU WANT ON MEASURE A! It's all good, Mr. Mirassou, it's all good.


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