Updated: Daily Breeze Endorses Measure A

The Daily Breeze has announced its endorsements for the Redondo Beach municipal elections on March 5.

Editor's note: This story was originally published Tuesday. It has since been updated with the Daily Breeze endorsement of Measure A.

Redondo Beach residents should vote yes on Measure A come March 5, the Daily Breeze editorial board opined Tuesday evening.

"Supporters are right that this is a rare opportunity for the city to reshape the waterfront," the editorial board wrote. "Residents should make their voices heard and vote yes on Measure A."

In related news, the newspaper announced Monday evening that two of the three candidates aiming to represent Redondo Beach City Council District 2 are the most well-qualified candidates to serve on city council.

The Breeze is endorsing businessman Michael Jackson for District 2, District 2 Councilman Bill Brand for re-election, Councilman Steve Aspel for mayor and Public Works commissioner Jeff Ginsburg for District 1. The newspaper did not endorse a candidate for City Council District 4.

Jackson's focus on public safety, improved park maintenance and local business is "the type of nuts and bolts thinking that's needed in Redondo Beach," according to the editorial board, while "Brand should be re-elected but we'd like to see him expand his platform."

The Breeze's editorial board called Aspel a "good-natured realist with pragmatic ideas that will  move the city forward."

"While (current Mayor Mike Gin is) genuinely well-liked, the city of Redondo Beach needs a force like Aspel to see projects through," according to the editorial board.

Gin and Aspel are termed-out of the mayoral and District 1 council seats, respectively.

Ginsburg, whose focus will be on quality-of-life issues and local business, has more experience than the other three candidates running for the District 1 seat, according to the Breeze.

Per editorial policy, Redondo Beach Patch will not be endorsing any candidates.

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sheri patterson February 28, 2013 at 01:29 AM
Kelly, "fraudulent". You sound bitter that the LA Co Registrar's Office validated far more signatures than the residents' group needed to qualify 'A' for the ballot. See here is the problem, it's people like you and Steve Diels that are enraged that we succeeded in giving the people a vote. Suppressing the will of the people is a dangerous place. That is exactly why District 2 isn't foolish enough to give up the honest representation we have in Bill Brand. But I know...smart, talented guys like Brand that oooze character and integrity irritate you. A little birdie told me that 'Kelly Sarkisian' is possibly Steve Diels. Ya know, the elected offcial protecting AES and that took money from AES. The guy who thinks RB residents are silly enough to put him in control of our taxpayer dollars for City Treasurer. I wonder how residents would feel about that if they can prove it and expose it...an elected official posting nasty and personal attacks under a fake profile. Very sad.
mark schoennagel February 28, 2013 at 02:36 AM
Why is it that Jim is the only person running for office or is in office who is posting on these forums? One of the most important city discussions in decades and not a peep from those against A. Kick these dead-beats out office, they obviously dont care a lick about Redondo. If they did care they would be posting their views in what is a very lively discussion here on the patch. As for Kelly, you would think by now it would have made up another alter-ego since no one here believes Kelly Sarkisian's name is on its drivers license. Lando has a good ring, Lando Sarkisian, kinda sounds like that dude in Star Wars. Im sure lando@AES.com is available, email your IT department and ask.
mark schoennagel February 28, 2013 at 02:39 AM
Wow really Kelly, now its fraudulent signatures? I've walked to streets door to door, I know what goes on in the conversation. There was no smoke, no mirrors, and certainly no money. My time and everyone else working for Measure A is doing it for the good of our community. The only fraud in your comment is your name.
John Mirassou February 28, 2013 at 10:11 PM
Daily Breeze endorsement of A is a joke. "Someone will step up and pay for a park." Hey, maybe the tooth fairy or Santa Clause will pay for the park or maybe someone will find some magic beans. The great park in Orange County has cost the City of Irvine over $200 million and not a shovel has touched the ground. But according to Measure A supporters a 35 acre park "won't cost the residents a dime." Okay, I got ya' now. It won't cost "a" dime it will cost $200 million in dimes. Vote No On A!
David Mallen March 01, 2013 at 04:24 PM
John, love the humor! I am still waiting to meet you in person for a beer after March 5, and it is only fair that the first round is on you, because you get paid all that money by AES for posting your jokes and potshots and -- here comes the punchline ....you don't even have to READ MEASURE A ....ha ha....you can make stuff up, while I the rest of us Schmo's are taking time out of our work day and money out of our pocket to post well-researched facts and law (and occasionally a few jokes) and stand up for our neighbors' right to make an INFORMED decision. READ MEASURE A, IGNORE MIRASSOU AND MAILERS, THEN VOTE HOW YOU WANT ON MEASURE A! It's all good, Mr. Mirassou, it's all good.


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