E&B Submits Project Application for Oil Drilling

The company hopes voters will want them to recover oil from underneath the ocean off the Hermosa Beach coastline. Their application sets in motion steps leading up to a future public vote by the city's registered voters to approve the project.

E&B Natural Resources Management Corp., the California-based oil and natural gas company that has elected to try to drill for oil off the shores of Hermosa Beach, filed their project application for the enterprise with the city today.

The filing of the project application allows the city to move forward as the lead agency for the environmental review of the proposed project. 

The city will review the project application and request any additional information needed to begin the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) process required by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

Hermosa voters, in a future election whose date has yet to be determined, will be allowed to cast votes as to whether or not E&B gets to move forward to construct and operate an onshore oil and natural gas resource recovery facility from a city maintenance yard at 6th Street and Valley Drive.

Here are ways Hermosans can learn about the project:

Dave Andrews November 16, 2012 at 06:47 PM
4. There is going to be chemicals used that will be in the air and in the ground. They do not have to identify these chemicals. It is a "Trade" secret. This can seep into our water supply and you and or your family could be drinking it and not know. 5. Did you know that the guy heading this up had a previous well that had a massive spill. They filed for bankruptcy so they didn't have to clean it up. 6. What happens to property values in the area if they drill? I know I will want to get my property taxes adjusted. There are numerous other things I can point out and will eventually. Please don't think of it just as a $17.5 million bill. There are massive long term things you should look at. I know you may have your mind made up but please make sure you get the facts from both sides and research those facts for accuracy.
H. Schwartz November 16, 2012 at 10:02 PM
Dave,go back and reread my statement, everything I said IS fact. Our schools will benefit,we do have millions in unfunded pensions, we do have to pay union enhanced salaries , our three fire captains all make over 200,000 annually and lets not forget what the meter maids make. If this city had the guts to outsource police,fire and parking enforcement I would change my mind in a heartbeat but as that will never happen this to me is a no brainer, if for nothing else,for our schools.
Dave Andrews November 16, 2012 at 10:24 PM
I get what you said about all of the financials but the money that comes from the oil drilling is not that much money at all because of the tidelands act. The only savings is not paying the $17.5 million. The land will be gone no matter what and that can cover probably $9 million when it would be sold. We would have to come up with $8.5 million. The bigger issue is values of homes dropping so there will be a decrease in property tax revenue over the next 30 years. The even bigger issue is health related and long term effects. I am surprised you even think that the deal is a good deal. $.20 a barrel. If they get over 30 years 100 million barrels "On Land" not in the ocean the schools will get $20 million over 30 years or about $666k/year. Remember they are trying to get the oil in the ocean not on land. If it comes from the ocean the schools see $0.00! Even if they could get the money from the tidelands act the deal should be a percentage of the barrel of oil not $.20 to the school. I have seen reports where the royalty is 12.8%. The schools are being robbed! It's a bad business deal.
Jeff Cohn November 16, 2012 at 11:25 PM
I am putting together a public database DrillingMaps.com of several locations around the World where injection oil drilling and/or fracking have caused major and minor earthquakes. 4.5 in Louisiana, 4.5 in Ohio, 7.0 Haiti which killed 200,000 people are just a few. Haiti drilling was on a tectonic plate and thus the large quake. Hermosa Beach sits near a large tectonic plate as well. If drilling starts here I am gonzo. These are not scare tactics. They are undisputed facts. We are doing our due diligence and the City and E&B are lying by omitting important information. Not to mention the contract which is a fraud and is illegal. Conflicts of interest galore.
H. Schwartz November 17, 2012 at 02:17 AM
The city of Hermosa Beach estimated it would receive between 24 million and 92 million dollars in oil and gas revenue during the course of the 35 year lease,and that was over 20 years ago! With the price of oil what it is now we're talking BIG,spendable money. Property values would not decrease, if anything they would rise,this city would be cash rich.Maybe they wouldn't have to be so reliant on tax revenue from places like "American Junkie" the city could really clean up,literally and figuratively.Property owners with mineral rights would also receive royalties. Health and related long term effects? What is this based on,there were zero negative effects from the Stinnett wells that produced for decades.I understand the emotion but past historical data doesn't lie, scare tactics due.


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