Hollywood United Neighborhood Council Celebrates Anniversary

The board comes together to mark ten-year anniversary and swears in new members.

The Hollywood United Neighborhood Council had a lot to celebrate Monday with the observance of the council’s ten-year anniversary as well as the swearing in of its new board members.

“We made it ten years,” said Hollywood United Neighborhood Council President Susan Swan. “Many of the founding members are still on the board, so it shows a passion for Hollywood.”

The neighborhood council’s founding president, Joel Fisher, made a special appearance in honor of the occasion. Fisher, who is the founder and CEO of the LA WineFest, reminisced and spoke of the fact that “good things were achieved” in the council's early years.

“Tom LaBonge and Erik [Sanjurjo] strongly supported me throughout the seven years of my terms,” Fisher said. “I always appreciated that support.”

The board members were sworn in at Adventist Church of Hollywood by the interim general manager for the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment Grayce Liu.

“Neighborhood councils are really changing the face of city government,” Liu told the board. “You really are part of an historic movement in terms of civic engagement. You really are making history, and we look forward to being partners in this.”

Swan said she is pleased with the new board members and what they will offer the council.

“I think it’s a newly energized board, and I think with everything that’s going on in Hollywood, that’s important,” Swan said.

In addition to the new board members, the Hollywood United Neighborhood Council’s executive committee were unanimously re-elected with the addition of Susan Polifronio as secretary. Two other positions were also filled. Jennifer Christie filled the Unclassified Area Five seat and Tom Meredith filled the Faith-Based seat, Swan said.

The council also voted to give $1,000 to Cheremoya Avenue Elementary School to be used for Thanksgiving baskets and other items for children in need at the school, Swan said.

Ledgewood October 16, 2012 at 07:49 PM
GREAT GROUP!!!! thanks for ALL you have done for us... Martin
Susan Swan October 17, 2012 at 03:07 AM
Thanks Martin! We missed you, there was cake!
Scott Zwartz October 17, 2012 at 04:45 PM
As far as I know, HUNC is the sole Neighborhood Council to actually place the welfare of its stakeholders ahead of the greed of the developers. HUNC twice rejected the corrupt Hollywood Community Plan, and HUNC called for a Federal Grand Jury Investigation into the downsizing and budget cuts of the LAFD and the involvement of developers who get the tax money. HUNC has shown that a Neighborhood Council can stand up for the homes, lives, and safety of its stakeholders, and a NC can demand honest planning for Hollywood's future. Lacking subpoena power, HUNC has advanced the ball as far as possible. Now the burden to expel the crooks from Hollywood in particular and Los Angeles in general is up to the Feds and the general public. Anyone who has evidence of fraud and back-room deals should provide it to the US Attorney for the Central District of California. The people most likely to have such information are city hall workers, who heard and saw misdeeds, but who previously lacked any place where they could confidentiality share their knowledge. United States Attorney's Office Central District of California 312 North Spring Street, Suite 1200 Los Angeles, California 90012 213/894-2400 (main number)


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