Letter: School Board's Passage of Power Plant Resolution Applauded

Roger Light, a clinical neuropsychologist, lauds the "courage of the school board" to pass a resolution concerning a rebuilt AES Redondo Beach.

I want to applaud the Redondo Beach Board of Education for its courage in passing a resolution against the rebuilding of a power plant within a stone’s throw of many of our students. While bullied into watering the resolution down by a large number of individuals recruited by AES, the statements in the resolution questioning whether the plant was needed and the wisdom of locating the plant in the middle of a residential and commercial area were significant.

It was amusing to hear some of the AES apologists' arguments, such as the plant has been there a 100 years so it must be safe, that it hadn’t hurt their son or daughter since they turned out fine, or that we should be trust the government’s judgment to protect us. Aren’t these some of the same people who tell us the government can’t be trusted not to come take their guns away or to regulate much of anything?

Make no mistake about it, the rebuilt power plant will be the No. 1 single polluter in Redondo Beach and will lead to more premature death and disability than any other single source of pollution. AES’s own filings indicate fine particulate contamination will be more than 6 tons per month from this so-called “clean” plant. I encourage all readers to read AES’s application for yourself at http://www.energy.ca.gov/sitingcases/redondo_beach/documents/applicant/AFC/Vol_1/. Look at the charts in section 5.1 (air quality) and see for yourself the increase in toxins, including the most dangerous small fine particulates (defined as smaller than 2.5 microns). I also encourage the reader to take a minute to watch the EPA’s brief slide show at http://www.epa.gov/airnow/pm/pm.html that describes some of the adverse health effects of these poisons.

If our city council had the courage of the school board and taken a position to resist the AES plans, there would have been no need for Measure A. The failure of our elected representatives to protect the health of the South Bay residents left us citizens no choice but to stand up for our own health. Please vote YES on Measure A and NO to rebuilding the AES power plant.

Roger Light, Ph.D.
Clinical Neuropsychologist
Redondo Beach

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Jim Light January 27, 2013 at 06:07 PM
DR, Your analysis of the advisory vote does not stand up to scrutiny. There were two distinct choices... mixed use commerical and residential development with a small park or a large park with limited commercial and no residential development. The park won despite language that residents would have to pay millions. Certainly a new power plant is not the highest and best use of the property. Measure A is a fair compromise. And it is designed to pay for the park's upkeep. It does not raise taxes. In fact, it increases city revenues.
sheri patterson January 31, 2013 at 03:02 AM
DR, you must not have thick skin since you won't use your real name. That sort of behavior doesn't lend well to credibility in the community. If you want to lead this commuity in a positive way, then state your research, not scare tactics. And thank you for your clear description of what happens when putting 2 less than perfect solutions on the ballot...the least bad option wins. This is precisely what the City will do when AES gets their dirty power plant and now asks for high density "mixed use" on the adjacent 38 acres. Because the City is seeking this same option, that is how they will get around Measure DD that states residents must vote on the zoning change. They will put 3000 condos and 1800 condos on the ballot and the residents will not have a "non-condo" option. You summed up perfectly why residents must Vote YES on A to not only get the CEC analysis this community deserves for the health and safety of all our families, but also to ensure even if AES does get granted a permit to build another plant, the residents can at least protect Redondo with balanced zoning on the 38 acres. Most residents I've talked to do not want more condos...and yet voting No will give them what they say they do not want. Measure A will bring in far more revenue, more than double directly to the City, than AES' plan. AES and their paid surrogates can try to scare voters but Residents are smarter than you think.
DR January 31, 2013 at 03:27 AM
Eric, Is this another one of your random posts to try and promote your candidacy for mayor? As a person who has such little regard, that you purposefully chose to violate the "No recording" directive at the League of Women's voters forum last night throughout the event, this shows a fine example of of your leadership qualities and integrity.
Jim Light February 02, 2013 at 02:46 AM
The single biggest polluter in Redondo Beach is the power plant. There is no way to stop the traffic, but cars get cleaner each year. We CAN stop all pollution from the power plant. And we can PREVENT the 5x to 15x increase of particulate pollution from the new plant. AES burns 95% of the natural gas used in Redondo. And while we are taxed on our use of natural gas, AES pays zero taxes on the use of natural gas. Residential use is in the noise level, far less than 1%.
Grant Patterson February 12, 2013 at 09:32 PM
DR, The problem with your argument is that you are waiting for someone to take up the cause to get rid of the power plant but not with the idea of a park. At this point in time we don't have that option. There are no leaders in our city that have taken up your views on this issue. The leaders we have (Gin, Kilroy, Diels) are giving only excuses and no leadership. Aspel and Aust are ignoring the issue hoping it will not affect their run for office. I don't know who you are so I have no idea what your involvement is with this issue. I do know that there are a lot of people that have put a lot of time and personal money into this issue so that we don't have a power plant. Let's all join in and stop the new power plant. Then if there is enough public desire to change the zoning in measure A we can address it at that time. Now is the time to vote yes on Measure A. Tanks to Jim Light and Bill Brand and many other Redondo residents we have the power as a community to vote for that change later.


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