Official Candidate List Released for March Elections

See the complete list of candidates running for Redondo Beach City Council and the Redondo Beach Board of Education.

The filing period for the Redondo Beach municipal election, scheduled for March 5, 2013, closed Friday at 5:30 p.m. Below is a list of candidates who qualified for the ballot.

Mayoral candidates:
Incumbent Mike Gin is termed out.

  • Steve Aspel
  • Pat Aust
  • Eric Coleman
  • Matt Kilroy

District 1 candidates:
Incumbent Steve Aspel is termed out.

  • Kimberly Fine
  • Jeff Ginsburg
  • Jim Light
  • Dianne Prado

District 2 candidates:

  • Bill Brand (incumbent)
  • Michael Jackson
  • Susan Kowalski

District 4 candidates:
Incumbent Steve Diels is termed out.

  • Jan Jeffreys
  • Stephen Sammarco
  • Julian Stern

Redondo Beach Board of Education candidates (three seats up for election):
Incumbents Jane Diehl, Drew Gamet and Todd Loewenstein are termed out.

  • Michael Christensen
  • Brad Serkin
  • Bradley Waller

City Attorney Mike Webb is running for reelection unopposed.

The city clerk also posted the ballot text, arguments in favor and arguments against Measure A, also known as the Power Plant Phase-Out Initiative. The measure attempts to rezone the land on Harbor Drive where the AES Redondo Beach power plant currently stands to a mixture of up to 40 percent commercial and institutional uses. The rest would be converted into parkland and open space with power generation as an incompatible use.

Proponents of the measure hope that if it passes, the California Energy Commission will deny parent company AES Southland a permit to rebuild AES Redondo Beach. Proponents argue that though a new power plant may be more efficient, it will run more and emit more pollutants.

Opponents of the measure see it as a "taking" that devalues the land and could lead to lengthy litigation between the city and AES Southland.

Brand, Light, Dawn Esser, Sheri Patterson and Lezlie Campeggi signed the argument in favor of Measure A; Gin, Kilroy, Diehl, former school board member Arlene Staich and Lisa Rodriguez signed the argument against the measure.

L. Campeggi December 08, 2012 at 05:33 PM
Mr. Czuleger, the "great park of Orange County" is a conversion of an old Marine base (El Toro) to a 1,347 acre park…44 times the size of the AES property. The conversion of an entire, non-waterfront Marine base with base housing, runways, hangars, fuel depots, etc. to parkland, hardly compares with YES on Measure A and 50, waterfront acres split 60-40% or 70-30% as recreational / open space and commercial / institutional space. Of course, you're the same person who wrote in the Beach Reporter last month that AES-Redondo operated at 40% this year, when it has been reported by the State regulatory agencies that AES-Redondo ACTUALLY ran at just 6.18% of its' capacity, YTD through September, 2012. You said you were "well-read" on this subject but missed that BIG FACT! No, it wasn't in the AES-propaganda. You can find quite a bit online with the CEC, CPUC, CAISO, the AQMD and more to be "well-read" on this subject and do some fact-checking. Yes, Robert, Mr. Czuleger seems to also have missed that 30-40% commercial / institutional "land use fact" in the Measure A zoning language.
Jim Light December 08, 2012 at 06:29 PM
I don't have the numbers for Aviation Park, but I would guess it is net positive. But, more importantly, DR you ignore several key points: - Measure A allows 430,000 sq ft of commercial development which is designed to pay for park maintenance costs + more - removal of the plant will increase property values and thus tax revenues -removal of the plant will increase harbor area business revenues thus increasing tax revenues So DR, Measure A is a win, win, win for Redondo.
Jim Light December 08, 2012 at 06:32 PM
El Toro Marine Base is the size of 1/3 of Redondo. It has runways, fuel depots, hangars, operations buildings, towers, etc. And that is all park. Measure A is 52 acres of a mix of recreational open space AND 430,000 sq ft of commercial development. Hardly an apples to apples comparison.
L. Campeggi December 08, 2012 at 09:19 PM
*33 times the size of
Doug Boswell December 08, 2012 at 11:13 PM
Considering the field, it looks like it's Eric Coleman for Mayor. I wonder who he is. Aust? Oh, please.


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