Council Defers Discussion on City Manager Compensation

City Manager Bill Workman requested the council postpone the discussion until 2014.

FILE PHOTO: Bill Workman. Photo credit Ed Pillola.
FILE PHOTO: Bill Workman. Photo credit Ed Pillola.
The Redondo Beach City Council on Tuesday postponed a discussion of a compensation increase for City Manager Bill Workman until 2014.

The council was scheduled to consider a 3 percent pay increase for Workman, who took a 6 percent pay reduction in 2009 along with other city employees. Last week, the council approved a 3 percent pay increase for city management and confidential employees, which include people who work in the city attorney's, city treasurer's and city clerk's offices.

"Since 2009, I have declined compensation adjustments as we have navigated the worst financial times the city has seen in 80 years," Workman wrote in a memo to the mayor and council. "It is my request that the City Council's action on the contractual compensation adjustment be pulled from the agenda and deferred until 2014 so to allow additional time for resolution of compensation matters with employee bargaining units."

In the past, Workman's memos declining the compensation increase noted that he would like his contract extended one year; this memo did not include a similar phrase.

Workman's contract was extended to 2016 at the beginning of this year.

The city manager has come under fire from employee groups; the unions allege that Workman and his bargaining unit have not been entirely honest with employees, even though the employees agreed to the 6 percent wage reduction in 2009.

"The city has refused to negotiate in good faith with the same labor groups that rushed to the city's aid" when asked to take a compensation reduction, the Coalition of Redondo Employees wrote in a news release. "Morale among city employees is at an historic low."

According to CORE, Redondo Beach city employees have the lowest overall compensation of cities in the South Bay.

The employee groups held a no-confidence vote last month. Of the approximately 410 employees under Workman's purview, 297 returned ballots. About 98 percent of the ballots received expressed no confidence in the job Workman has been doing.

It wasn't immediately clear when the council would reconsider the 3 percent pay restoration for Workman.
Harold Johnson December 13, 2013 at 01:37 PM
The Tuesday night council meeting, it has become the best reality show on t.v! The closest show I can relate it to is survivor. Every week I tune in I want to see the Person that is the liar, schemer, just rotten person voted off. In the case of our city management, they just keep coming back and protected by their alliance. So there were some highlights though somewhat benign. First, a employee by the name Deborah (sorry I didn't use your last name due to spelling) got up and used an analogy about workman borrowing her boat and not giving it back in regard to employees compensation. Deborah, it's worse than that! Let's look at it in a pure financial perspective. You all loaned workman and the council 6 percent of your overall compensation, then you did not get a increase during that period. Next, cost of living continues to go up each year along with fuel, food, housing. He not only borrowed your boat, he used your money to fix it up, sold it at profit, kept the money, and ask for more to do it over! Did the city offer to return your funds on record? Maybe a lawyer is indicated with a big lawsuit! Don't worry, when mike Webb gets on the case you are sure to win. He hasn't won a case yet for our city! Workman continues to use our employees money on his building out redondo projects and hiring employees from Huntington.And you mentioned workman's "Monday morning message" God only knows what that is! If you are an employee, please post them for all of us at the patch! With workmans ego, they should be a laugh! The real highlight came when a gentleman spoke from AES, towards the end of his talk, aspel's little puppet ginsburg hit a hot spot when he began to ask about the joke of a million dollar fountain with no water under the king harbor sign! Aspel couldn't grab the puppet strings fast enough! I'm sure he punished his little kid in closed session when they adjourned. What a joke. Goes to show you, these Cronys have no voice, they just do the bidding of whomever carefully placed them in their spots! Who knows, maybe workman became embarrassed about his compensation increase and had some form of conscience. Doubtful, but hopeful. If our employees are the lowest paid, and workman is one of the highest in the area, please someone post the numbers. We all must remember, like it or not mr. Workman, you work for us! It's not "more to steal", it's "more to sea"
Avery Schlacter December 16, 2013 at 02:17 PM
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