You've Got Questions about Goings-on Around Town? Here Are the Answers

What's new with a car wash under construction, reclaimed water, released prisoners into the community and more.

Reclaimed water was one of the topics about which residents wanted Councilman Jeff Ginsburg to follow up. Patch file photo.
Reclaimed water was one of the topics about which residents wanted Councilman Jeff Ginsburg to follow up. Patch file photo.

Redondo Beach City Councilman Jeff Ginsburg wrote to offer answers to the questions he couldn't readily answer at the last community meeting. The next meeting is scheduled for 9-11 a.m. April 12 at the Alta Vista Community Center.

1.    What is status with Car Wash/76 Station/7-11 construction project on Pacific Coast Hwy & Torrance Blvd?  Residents say this project has been dragging on for a very long time with no signs of completion?

Response from Planning Department (Aaron Jones) 3/19/2014: The project is proceeding with interior tenant improvements well underway.  As of last week, counters, displays and equipment were installed.  The exterior was on hold until such time as sufficient plumbing and electrical progress was made to allow finishing of the roof and walls. One reason for slow progress has been that the owner of the station is both a licensed Architect and Engineer and has been doing much of the work himself. Crews are now on duty to finish the project. Work should be completed before the start of summer. 

2.    Are the city parks, medians, etc using reclaimed water and if not then is there a plan to bring reclaimed water service to those areas to better deal with the drought conditions we are facing?

Response from Public Works Director (Mike Witzansky) 3/19/2014: Two City parks and one street median currently use reclaimed water (Dominguez Park, Aviation Park and Herondo Street median west of PCH). At one point a third City park (Vincent Park) also utilized reclaimed water however following resident complaints regarding odor and concrete colorization, Vincent Park’s irrigation was reconnected to the potable water system. City staff are not aware of any plans by West Basin Municipal Water District (the purveyor of reclaimed water) to expand the system to other City parks or irrigated medians.  

3.    How is the City of Redondo Beach dealing with AB109 “California Realignment Act” resulting in the release of so many prisoners?  Here is a link the City of Torrance provides for how AB109 is affecting their city: http://www.safeandsecuretorrance.com/

Response from Police Chief (Joe Leonardi) 3/19/2014: There are sixteen prisoners in the Probation Department released to residences in Redondo Beach.  These sixteen persons are comprised of three women and thirteen men.  The City has one sergeant who has an ancillary duty to identify and track persons that are released to Redondo Beach.  That sergeant occasionally organizes random visits and searches of these persons homes. They are also visited by the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department’s probation enforcement group and by a South Bay Task Force that conducts random searches. Redondo Beach does not currently have a member on the task force, but anticipates joining the team when adequate staffing is available to assign someone to activities outside of the City. The Task Force is funded by State money that is administered through the Los Angeles County Chief’s Association. Additionally, RB officers frequently contact persons that have been released pursuant to AB109 and who visit the City.

4.    When is the next election and will the Knob Hill/Pacific Coast Hwy zoning change be on the next ballot?

Response from Planning Department (Aaron Jones) 3/19/2014:  The requested zoning, General Plan and Coastal Plan amendments for the Knob Hill Kensington Residential Care for the Elderly project will go to the voters only if first approved by the City Council. The project’s Environmental Impact Report is in development and will be available for public review and comment in approximately 2 months.  After the public review and comment period, the project and amendments will then be considered by the Planning Commission and City Council. The applicants are targeting the March 2015 election as the deadlines for the November 2014 General Election cannot be met.

5.    Since street parking is supposed to be for the public how is it the city can issue parking permits so only residents of that street can park there thereby burdening students wanting to park near their school?  Shouldn’t all public street parking be available to ALL of the public?

Response from Public Works Director (Mike Witzansky) 3/19/2014: The CA Vehicle Code allows cities to adopt local permit parking programs by Ordinance. The City last updated its Preferential Parking Ordinance in 1993. Under the Ordinance the City Council is able to establish permit parking zones through Resolution following a neighborhood petition process. There are currently 8 preferential permit parking zones in the City. The applicable CA Vehicle Code Section that addresses the City’s authority reads as follows: 

CVC 22507

(a) Local authorities may, by ordinance or resolution, prohibit or restrict the stopping, parking, or standing of vehicles, including, but not limited to, vehicles that are six feet or more in height (including any load thereon) within 100 feet of any intersection, on certain streets or highways, or portions thereof, during all or certain hours of the day. The ordinance or resolution may include a designation of certain streets upon which preferential parking privileges are given to residents and merchants adjacent to the streets for their use and the use of their guests, under which the residents and merchants may be issued a permit or permits that exempt them from the prohibition or restriction of the ordinance or resolution. With the exception of alleys, the ordinance or resolution shall not apply until signs or markings giving adequate notice thereof have been placed. A local ordinance or resolution adopted pursuant to this section may contain provisions that are reasonable and necessary to ensure the effectiveness of a preferential parking program.

(b) An ordinance or resolution adopted under this section may also authorize preferential parking permits for members of organizations, professions, or other designated groups, including, but not limited to, school personnel, to park on specified streets if the local authority determines that the use of the permits will not adversely affect parking conditions for residents and merchants in the area.

(Amended by Stats. 2001, Ch. 223, Sec. 1. Effective January 1, 2002.)


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