Does Gun Control Actually Work?

Did gun control work?

After the shootings in Connecticut this week, a lot of people had ugly visceral reactions, as they should.  The "Gun Control" groupies came out in full force, being countered by the "Pro Gunners" groupies.  At my age, I can quote the rhetoric of both sides, without reading, seeing or hearing it.

Gun control, as with politics, abortion and taxes are the things that will divide, their are people that understand that and their are people who don't, with both sides calling the other side conspirators, socialists etc, etc..  Here again I can quote it without hearing, reading or seeing it.

In all fairness, I have owned many guns in my lifetime.  I currently choose not to own one, I made that choice.  On this point, I can also quote the rhetoric without reading, seeing or hearing it.

So, lets take a look at this shooting.  The left blames guns and mental health, the right blames the left for disarming the people in charge of protecting those children.  Here again, I can quote the rhetoric without seeing, hearing or reading it.

So, lets see who's to blame.  On one side the "Anti Gunners" created a society, that allows people with the intent to do harm, the abilty to do that harm, without being concerned that someone will shoot back.  One strike against the "Anti Gunners".  Those same people that are "Anti Gun", then created laws in society that, if a person decides to defend oneself, family or home, that person will become a litigant in the courtroom, whether that is civil or criminal.  Let us face the fact that people with intent to do harm, generally understand that the person defending will be put in the same position as the one doing the offending, making people turn a blind eye to the violence, this is otherwise known as the law of unintended consequences. Strike two for the "Anti Gunners".  "Anti Gunners", as with some, not all media outlets, school boards and community's then refuse to have the other side speak, write or talk to anyone, especially school aged children, about the inherent risks and responsibilities of law-full gun ownership.  Resulting in children being raised without knowledge and understanding those risks and responsibilities. Strike three for the "Anti Gunners".

In a nut shell, we need to educate our children on all things, gun ownership, politics, gay rights, abortion and allow them to make thier own informed decision.  Kids aren't nearly as illogical as parents think they are.  We simply educate our children on what is politically correct or politically expedite at that time.  So, who is to blame, those that used our school systems to not educate our children on responsibilities of gun ownership and those who stood in the way of self defense.

"Anti Gunners", this slaughter is yours, you and your laws created it, you now need to live with it. 

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Dale Smith. December 23, 2012 at 09:03 AM
A voice of reason, good job.


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