Alfredo Sanchez Maldonado
College grad saving up to move out west, like further out west, California. 
California has everthing put in one bowl of spageti of all the places I have lived in. Spain, New York Texas and Colorado.  heading there as soon as I can pay of the loan shark on my college loans. lol.  Can't wait tu surf in clear water ... Good bye Surfside, TX, Chorpus, TX, Gaveston, TX Can't wait to walk outside and breath clean air without the feeling that I had just step out of the shower... Good bye Houston Can't wait to actually enjoy a nightlife without having to watch walk on eggs shells for fear of slipping and landing on dirty black ice let alone shoveling ice/snow from car just to realize it was some body else with the same identical car as yours. Well only draw back is Spain still furter away than b4 but nothing a few drinks can't fix. 
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