Doug Boswell
I am a 25 year resident of Redondo Beach, having moved all the way from Hermosa Beach to get here. The majority of my writing is related to my business pursuits, however I am thoroughly enjoying my assignment to cover the Redondo Union cross country teams in their current season, as they travel and compete at various local and not-so-local meets and invitationals.
A former high school and college XC and track distance runner, I returned to training and competition about 8 years ago when I took up the sport of triathlon. As I cover the Sea Hawks and their hugely successful program, I am reminded of not only those long ago training runs and do-or-die meets with cross-town rivals, but also about the hill repeats and age-group division races now a part of my recent memories. I think both make me a better chronicler of the running phenomena taking place here in our town. When I write about the meets and the races, I try to tell the story of the race in how it develops from stage to stage, how the runners perform as they make their way over the course, and how it feels to run so hard and give so much for the honor of your team and your school. I was fortunate enough to be a part of some great running traditions growing up, and it speaks to a good place in my heart when I see all the focused dedication of these athletes, the camaraderie of the teams, and their shear excitement at being a part of that special experience; being among the best of the best. By profession Doug Boswell is an entrepreneur, accountant, business process consultant and staffing advisor. He has a degree in economics from UCLA where he ran on the varsity track and XC teams.  Married, just once and holding. A father of two, with one son, a former Redondo XC runner now in college, and a daughter, now a sophomore at Redondo Union and a member of the track team.
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