Samantha Oltman
A recent graduate from the USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism, Samantha is a journalist with a bad case of francophilia and an itch to travel the world, learn its languages, and tell its stories.
Having called the East Coast, the Midwest, California, and Paris her home at different times in her life, she's a woman of many talents, capable of discerning a good bagel from a bad one, appreciating the occasional country song, spending a day surfing at the beach, and even navigating the Parisian metro system without a map. Her français isn't too bad, either. She's interned and worked in a variety of media-related fields, including print, online, and radio journalism; public relations; and corporate communications. Journalism has been her favorite field of work, by far. Despite all she's heard from the naysayers who insist print journalism is taking its last dying breath, she's excited about the largely unexplored potential of online journalism and doesn't regret her career choice—at least not yet.
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